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Rachel Rhodes

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Did You Know: You Can Scan Directly to Email

Save time and a walk back to your computer, scan a document and share via email directly from your copier.

We may all live in a digital world but, even so, at some point you’ll receive physical pieces of paper and need to send them to someone electronically.

Accomplishing this always seems to involve a small amount of irritation. For whatever reason those few extra steps tend to make the process seem daunting (even when it’s really not).

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Did You Know: Energy Efficient Copiers Lower Utility Bills – A Lot

Call Out: Inefficient office equipment costs you more to “keep the lights on.”

You turn the lights off when you leave a room (or have motion sensors do it for you), adjust your cooling and heating to economize during non-work hours, but are you taking advantage of the energy-saving opportunities of your office equipment?

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Did You Know: You Can Scan Directly to SharePoint

If you’re scanning and then manually adding documents into SharePoint, you don’t need to be.

Many of you use SharePoint as a collaboration and document management tool for your office (either as a standalone product, in the cloud, or in conjunction with Office 365).

SharePoint is a secure place for you to store, organize, share, and access information from many devices and locations.

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Did You Know: You Can Track Printing

Print tracking tools help you understand where you’re incurring costs, so you can get them under control.

It’s a question we are asked often: “Can I track how much my office prints?” Office print tracking captures and records information about your office’s printing behaviors.

You can’t plan for what you can’t measure. And not knowing the total number, length, etc. of what documents are being printed and by which department and individual makes it difficult to ensure that printing costs are under control.

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Did You Know: Your Print Job Can “Follow You”

Play follow the leader with your print jobs on any of your office’s networked copiers.

Called pull, push, or follow me printing; this productivity functionality allows employees to roam the office and print from a convenient device.

Have a large print job, but don’t want to carry it from your desk up two floors to the big conference room? Hit print, select the device closest to your meeting,

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Did You Know: PDFs Can Be Searchable

A quick overview of searchable PDF and why it's useful.

You’ve probably read a PDF document at some point in the past week – whether for work or as an online menu, product guide, ebook, etc. Reading through a long PDF document to find the single nugget of information you want can be tedious and time-consuming.

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Did You Know: Your Copier Can Scan to the Cloud

Use your office copier to scan documents directly to cloud storage for quick and simple access later.

Even if you don’t follow technology at all, you’ve heard of “the cloud.” Often mentioned with a touch of reverence and a hint that the cloud will solve your technology challenges, cloud services really can bring huge personal and business productivity improvements when used correctly. 

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Did You Know: Your Copier Has An App For That?

Imagine saving your thoughts to your cloud-based storage, retrieving it via the app, and printing when you were ready.

In an office, everyone and everything needs to be as productive as possible. Your copier already has many productivity benefits, but did you know you can now extend those benefits with an app?

There’s an “app for that” on most newer copiers, though most companies don’t realize it. Take a look at your multifunction printer (MFP) and navigate to the apps screen to find them.

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