Document Capture and Imaging

Centrally digitize and secure documents regardless of format, location, or capture methodology.

Day in and day out, companies the world over generate vast amounts of business-critical information on paper-based documents. Those that continue to use traditional hard-copy methods for distributing, storing, and retrieving their documents likely find themselves dealing with a number of challenges. Those challenges revolve around finding the right document for making business decisions, regulatory compliance, storage capacity, and office productivity.

Since converting paper documents into a digital format on a daily basis can be a daunting task, many companies are looking for tools and technology to enable them to make dramatic improvements in document workflow and information accessibility.  

Datamax Document Capture/Imaging solutions can help companies cost-effectively:

  • Minimize manual scanning and indexing by capturing specific pieces of information from paper and electronic document formats
  • Automatically sort and categorize incoming documents, fill out fields and create folder paths based on image data, barcodes, page size, and more
  • Rapidly drag-and-drop electronic files into document repositories for easy storage
  • Refine image quality and apply enhancements to scanned documents
  • Convert all incoming documents into full-text searchable assets for future search and retrieval
  • Trigger document distribution workflows based on document processing activities

HALF of those adopting paper-free processes see 100% ROI within a 1 year. Two-thirds report payback in 18 months.

Estimates are that 11% of your paper files will be either lost or misplaced. While some of this will be unneeded information, what about the misplaced confidential document? Or do you really want to spend 3 hours recreating a document just because you can’t find it?

You need to consider digitizing your documents. Paper can give your business sclerosis, hardening your arteries until you spend more time working for your documents than they spend working for you.

Paper in your business processes:

  1. Causes delays in your workflow
  2. Limits flexibility and growth
  3. Gets lost or misplaced

Why remove paper? There are of course the baseline productivity benefits:

  • Faster access to your content
  • More room in your office
  • Saving in offsite storage
  • Access to all of your content – by multiple people simultaneously

We’ll help identify your capture needs (Who will do the scanning? Do you have enough paper to scan to consider a dedicated scanner – and how fast does it need to be? What software do you need? Can you capture your born-digital documents and not have to print them at all?) and which business processes could benefit. We’ll also help prepare your employees for using the new technology – employee resistance is the number one reason that information technology implementations fail.

Ready to remove your paper productivity bottlenecks? Leveraging powerful document capture technology from partners like Laserfiche, Datamax can help you reclaim valuable time and money spent importing, processing, and indexing paperwork. If those capabilities capture your attention, let’s visit. From imaging to information technology…we’ve got you covered!

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