Print Assessments

Is printing a line item on your P&L? At 1 to 3% of revenues – it should be.

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Print Assessments

Is printing a line item on your P&L? At 1 to 3% of revenues – it should be.

Printing remains one of the least audited expenses in business today. While most companies actively negotiate the price they pay for printing technologies, few actually analyze their printing practices let alone assess and manage the costs of supplies and maintenance – which comprise the vast majority of print expenditures. As a result, total printing costs continue to rise for many companies, often consuming up to 3% of annual revenues.

Consider letting Datamax take the lead with an assessment. Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, Datamax can help identify opportunities for streamlining print processes, maximizing productivity of print assets and people, and improving total cost of technology ownership. From initial Print Assessments to more comprehensive Print Audits, we know that significant improvement opportunities can be identified for most organizations when it comes to managing and controlling their print costs.

Expect a positive impact on IT, the environment, and profitability.

  • Refocus on core IT initiatives, reduce help desk calls, and increase print intelligence (“IT spends 15% of their time on printing-related issues.” Source: IDC)
  • Use recycled toner cartridges, reduce paper usage and waste, and minimize power consumption (An HP Study shows that a Fortune 500 company can save 800 tons of paper per year, at an annual savings of $7.7M by configuring printer defaults to duplex printing.)
  • Increase print cost visibility, improve asset management, and consistently reclaim your bottom-line (“Hard, visible costs are only about 10% of the total document cost.” Source: ALL Associates Group)

Why not put our managed print consulting experience to work for you? If you’d like to discover the economics of your current printing practices and how much your company could be saving with Datamax PrintCare, our Managed Print Services (MPS) offering, let’s visit!

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David, Industry: Manufacturing

“Our company had been a customer of Datamax for many years, leasing and renting copy machines. With the older leases reaching expiration date, we were introduced to Brian (our Business Process Consultant), who came in, performed a thorough analysis of our current business situation, and proposed a new way for us to do business, that would result in both increased efficiency, and cost savings. With Brian's plan and diligence, we have added four Konica Minolta bizHub scanner/copier/fax machines this past year, and have also entered into agreement with Datamax to place all of our remaining individual laser printers under contract. In summary, I can confidently recommend Datamax as a solid and reliable business partners, and an expert in their field of service."
Brian, Industry: Marketing

“Jeff (our Business Process Consultant) and Datamax helped me cut my costs as well as increase my productivity through a cost-effective solution. Before I was introduced to Jeff I had a number of small printers and paid hundreds of dollars per month to keep them up and running. Jeff introduced a wonderful solution that cut my cost in half, increased our speed and functionality, and increased the quality of our copies. Since the solution was installed, we have saved roughly $300 and will have an annual savings of $5,000.”
Steve, Industry: Transportation

“Working with Datamax has provided us with ways of saving time and resources with their Managed Print Services. After completing an honest assessment of my printing environment, Brendan (our Business Process Consultant) with Datamax, has found a way to save us time and money. I no longer need to worry about running out of printing supplies, print usage or expiring maintenance contracts; Datamax handles it all remotely! At this time I would like to convey our appreciation and thanks for Brendan's professional, responsive and expert services in which he has provided."