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3 Questions: Start on the Right Foot With a Managed IT Services Partner

Here are a few suggestions on putting your best foot forward with your next Managed IT Partner.

While the origin of the phrase “getting off on the wrong foot” remains uncertain, we can all agree that doing so is a terrible start to any endeavor.

An athletic team that gets off on the wrong foot generally plays poorly. A relationship is less likely to prevail. In addition, a Managed IT partnership that doesn’t start off on the right foot is likely to spell major headaches – if not more – for your organization.

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5 Common Misconceptions of Endpoint Backup Solutions

With cloud storage costs dropping and cyberattacks on the rise, cloud-based endpoint backups are more affordable and necessary than ever.

One thing is clear: If and when a cyber attack rears its ugly head, it's essential to have a credible endpoint backup solution in your back pocket. Beyond that, there remain a number of misconceptions about when it's necessary, how it should be utilized, and how easy (or complicated) it is to deploy.

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9 Cybersecurity Tips Your Business Should Employ

Compounding that opportunity, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, will be the impact of 3.5 million "unfilled cybersecurity jobs" globally in 2023.

The transition towards remote work on a global scale has presented cybercriminals with a golden opportunity. Compounding that opportunity, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, will be the impact of 3.5 million "unfilled cybersecurity jobs" globally in 2023. This is enough empty seats to fill 50 NFL stadiums.  The same number of openings is predicted in 2025 as the disparity between demand and supply continues.

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Have You Considered These IT Security Essentials for 2023 and Beyond?

Are you remaining static in your cybersecurity defense? Are you losing ground? We invite you to consider these advanced IT security layers of protection.

David Packard, cofounder of Hewlett-Packard, once said that "to remain static is to lose ground."

The IT Security landscape looks much different than it did five years ago. Cybercriminals continuously find new ways to outsmart organizational defense platforms, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated at concealing their threats. The more we immerse ourselves (and our business practices) into the digital realm, the more the playing field widens for malicious activity.

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Essential Layers of Cybersecurity Part 2: Fortify Endpoint Security with Sandbox Analysis

Sandbox Analysis introduces an advanced technology solution that can actually detect well-concealed threats prior to execution.

Ever tried to find a marble in a sandbox? Detecting viruses before it's too late under traditional antivirus solutions can encompass a similarly fruitless task.

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Essential Layers of Cybersecurity Part 1: What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor authentication simply applies another "layer" to prove that you are who you say you are.

There was a time when password best practices were everything. You remember the drill, right?
  • Must use a mix of letters, numbers, and characters,
  • Change your password every 30 days,
  • Use a minimum of eight characters,
  • then 12 characters,
  • enforce a higher password history to prevent reuse
  • etc., etc.
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You've Been Schooled: 5 Types of Phishing Email Attacks You Should Be Educated On

Prepare your team for the next phishing threat by "schooling" them on these 5 types of attacks. 

As most outdoors enthusiasts can tell you, there's a reason it's called fishing, and not catching.

Despite all your preparation and skill, that coveted fish can be hard to catch. The same goes for phishing, a cybercriminal tactic that involves email messages crafted to capture a person or an organization's sensitive data. More and more, these sophisticated attacks are hard to catch.

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Begin Carving Out Your 2022 IT Security Plan With These 6 Questions

Good IT security practices require more than just a bundle of technology tossed at a potential problem.

Author and Poet Rumi once wrote: “I’ve said before that every craftsman searches for what’s not there to practice his craft.”

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Secure Your Last Line of Defense With a Strategic Backup Solution

Businesses commit IT hardware and budgeted funds into their defense again cyber attacks. But have they considered their last line of defense …. their backup solution?

As a last line of defense at the battle of Gettysburg, the Union regiment led by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, at Little Round Top, made a desperate, yet strategic move that halted the Confederate assault and helped tilt the outcome of the war.

His men out of ammunition, they turned to bayonets. A single “right wheel forward” maneuver, orchestrated by Chamberlain, not only stopped the seemingly overwhelming Confederate threat, but reinforced the strength of a timely, calculated strategy.

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Datto Report: Ransomware Remains Major Cyber Menace in 2020

Top-to-bottom business awareness, employee education, multi-layered security protection, and proper business continuity planning continue to be a much needed prescription for avoiding the number one malware threat to SMBs.

As one menace to business livelihood (the COVID-19 pandemic) dominates headlines, another continues to lurk in the shadows as a significant threat to businesses of all sizes — ransomware.

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