Canon imagePRESS Lite C165

Light volume. Speeds up to 65 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Canon imagePRESS C710

Light/Mid volume. Speeds up to 70 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Canon imagePRESS C810

Light/Mid volume. Speeds up to 80 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Canon imagePRESS C910

Light/Mid volume. Speeds up to 90 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Canon imagePRESS C9010VP

High volume. Speeds up to 90 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Canon imagePRESS C10010VP

High volume. Speeds up to 100 impressions per minute (color & b/w).


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Relevant solutions require real Discovery.

download_datamax_full_discovery_pdfDatamax believes any sophisticated technology implementation – like Production Print – first requires discovery.  The results you deserve and expect won't transpire without a relevant deep dive into your specific workflows, applications, environment and most importantly – objectives.   That's why we introduce Datamax Discovery®, a multi-faceted assessment system designed to help you maximize productivity and improve total cost of technology ownership.

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