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Answering Timely Questions, Providing Thought Leadership: Most Read Blogs of 2019

Here's to continued thought leadership, collaboration and relevant content we can provide to help you maximize your return on technology investment.

The header on our Datamax Thinking Blog Page spells out our commitment to our readers: “Educating, collaborating, and sparking ideas for maximizing the technology that matters.”

In 2019, we added another dimension with “You Ask, We Answer.” We understand that today, readers often need swift, concise answers to specific technology questions they’re facing, which is the focus of this new blog initiative.

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Give Green, Get Green: Best Printing Practices that Impact the Environment & Your Bottom Line

By developing – and deploying – enterprise-wide print strategies now, businesses can over time, through the eight methodical steps, make a positive impact on the environment and their bottom line.

Texas Politician Rick Green had this signature witticism, ‘"That’s Green, like money!" Being "green," of course, also refers to corporate programs launched to help organizations be environmentally proactive.

What Green – and many businesses today – may not know, is that both initiatives (the environment and your bottom line) can be achieved simultaneously through a series of Printing Best Practices.

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Don't Kick Your Copiers or Printers – And 6 Other Tips to Minimize Copier Repair Needs

Kicking your copier can make you feel better. Here are six ways to avoid the urge.

I don't know about you, but I've been frustrated enough with printers and copiers over the years to want to give one a swift kick (I never have!). And many of you are no doubt familiar with the “printer revenge” scene in the move Office Space.

I've made this point before, digital copiers (and laser printers) today are complex pieces of machinery and they do wear out and break down over time.

But it's not always your copier's or printer's fault that it's not working correctly, sometimes it's yours.

What are some things that you can do to keep your digital copier(s) operating at peak efficiency? Here are five.

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Greener Printing, Greener Bottom Line, Greener Practice

Green isn’t just environmentally friendly. It’s also friendly to your firm’s budget.

“It’s not easy being green.” – Kermit the Frog

Despite Kermit’s lament, it’s a lot easier to “be green” than you may expect – especially with your printers, copiers, and other office equipment. While copiers and printers can contribute to the digital and physical landfills, when it comes to industries that make lots of copies (like the legal industry), they can also be key components within a company-wide green initiative.

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Going Green With Digital Document Management

With Digital Document Management, you'll appreciate a more attractive bottom line, and Mother Nature will appreciate your eco-friendliness.

When it comes to companies trying to become more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day practices, technology usually isn’t an option that comes to mind as a means to go green. On the contrary, technological advancements, such as electronic document management software, make it easy to be eco-friendly by offering simple solutions to older, more traditional methods.

Through electronic document management, you can convert paper documents into digital content, allowing your business to go paperless -- or at least use less paper. Since the documents are stored and filed intuitively, access is quick and easy.

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Cutting Edge Strategies To Cut The Cost Of Printing

PaperCut is a simple, yet powerful way to monitor and manage printing throughout the entire business.

A goal of many businesses today is to reduce operating costs and an expense category often overlooked is general office printing. When you consider that total printing costs can consume up to three percent (3%) of annual revenues, such a goal can have a significant impact on the financial bottom line. If this is a goal of your organization (or you'd like to make it one), PaperCut is a cutting-edge print management solution that's worth exploring.

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The Green Back Proposition

Give green... and get greenback with a Managed Print Strategy.

It should come as no surprise that environmental responsibility is an imperative business issue. In fact, a recent study suggests that as many as 67% of companies are in the process of implementing environmental programs. Today, being “green” not only impacts your corporate image, but also your competitive advantage and bottom line.

For most companies, significant green opportunities exist when it comes to printing—one of the least audited expenses in business today. When the total costs of hardware, supplies,

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