Rules-Based Printing

Maintain 'rule' over your print environment with intelligent printing rules.

At your office, how often are documents printed more than once? What percentage of print jobs get left at the printer and then thrown away (on average up to 12 percent, according to PaperCut)?  Do confidential documents end up in the wrong hands and open up MFP security concerns?

Sound familiar? If so, it could be time for your organization to introduce and enforce intelligent printing policies. Doing so reduces costs and cuts waste.

With a set of well-defined, software-driven printing rules, your organization gains back visibility and control over your print environment, from redirecting jobs to the most cost-effective device, defaulting jobs to black and white/duplex, eliminating uncollected jobs, or even deleting jobs that don't align with your company's printing policy.

Reducing waste is good news for your environmental/green initiatives. Cutting overall costs, of course, becomes great news for your business's bottom line.

9 Rules-Based capabilities to help you maintain rule over your print 

  1. Routing complex documents to the most cost-effective printers
  2. Defining printing rights based on users
  3. Discouraging the printing of emails via popup warnings
  4. Defaulting print jobs to black & white/duplex
  5. Providing automatic messages to the user regarding print job status
  6. Communicate user print violations via pop-up message
  7. Restricting users’ functionality (e.g. after hours)
  8. Allowing free printing on schedules (e.g. during class)
  9. Giving discounts during off-peak times

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