Rules-Based Printing

Rules-Based Printing

Reduce waste – and cost – by enforcing intelligent printing rules.

Do you know how many times documents are printed more than once? Do print jobs get left on the printer and then thrown away? Do private or otherwise sensitive documents end up in the wrong hands?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time for you to apply and enforce best practices for printing across your business – including remote offices – with a set of well-defined, software-driven printing rules. Based on predefined criteria, when a user pushes “print,” technology springs into action to analyze and enforce your rules. You can even “pause” printing to allow an administrator to review a job to approve, move, or delete it. Printing rules reduce waste by routing print jobs to the most efficient printer for the job – and even deleting jobs that don’t align with your company’s printing policy.

Reducing waste is good for your environmental/green initiatives from a corporate responsibility standpoint, and reducing waste makes good business sense because you also reduce costs.

Rules-Based Capabilities Include:

  • Routing large and/or color documents to more cost-effective printers
  • Printing rights can be defined for different roles and types of users in your office
  • Discouraging the printing of emails via popup warnings
  • Defaulting print jobs from websites to black & white and duplex
  • Providing automatic messages to the user regarding print job changes or cancelation

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