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Deploying an intelligent printing strategy is vital to the success and productivity of ANY business. Have you?

Every business needs to print documents. Nearly every business pays too much to print their documents. Taking a “just do it” approach to buying inkjet and laser printers, copiers, and toner is a recipe for frustration, inefficiency, poor customer service, and paying more than you should.  

At Datamax, we help our customers alleviate these challenges through the development of best practices that control print costs and streamline print-related processes across the entire organization. We call it print management, you'll call it one less thing to worry about.  Here are 5 questions to consider...

When we have a machine down or something is not working right Datamax is very responsive in getting out and making sure we are taken care of. — Andy Milliorn (Datamax Client)

1. Are you clear on what you spend for print output?

Most companies have no idea how much they spend on printing – no one is in control, various departments buy supplies and equipment independently, and no one knows who prints what or how much (and who's wasting money by printing in color unnecessarily).

As the saying goes, if you don't measure it, you can't manage it. As step one, we'll figure out how much you print and what it costs you (in budget and wasted time) for your entire business.

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2. Are the printers you have used sensibly?

Once you know how much you print and what the costs are; you need to identify the right mix of equipment – laser printers, digital copiers, production printers, accessories like stapler/folders, etc. – that will satisfy your real requirements. No more guesswork – just the right technology.

Our printing experts will audit your print environment and talk to you and your users to find out exactly what you need and discuss best print practices going forward. Now that's sensible!

3. Are your users free to print anything at any time from anywhere?

Without control over your output, documents printed and left in output trays can expose secure or confidential information. Improve document security by implementing walk-up print job release. Position equipment in optimal locations to maximize productivity. Provide secure mobile print access for users on the go.

With Datamax, pushing the print (or copy) button is all you have to do.  We'll identify areas to help control your output, improve security, save time, and reclaim your bottom line.

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4. Is your IT staff spending too much time supporting printers?

IT support staff often wince when they hear “the printer is down.” They already have enough to do managing networks, backups, and the hundreds of other valuable IT-related tasks they do. What they don't have is the time to troubleshoot digital copiers and printers. Is it a hardware problem? A software problem? Even IF they figure it out, many times they don't have the tools and know how to fix it.

Handing this sort of thing off to a partner frees them up to stay focused on just IT.

5. Have you considered how much money you might be wasting?

A Managed Print Services (MPS) engagement can save you up to 30% of your print costs while answering all of these questions – and more. 

We know controlling month-to-month print spend is not particularly easy. Depending on the size of your business, there are many moving parts to that are hard to identify (much less control) before you can begin changing your organization’s printing habits. Datamax Managed Print Services will help achieve company-wide buy-in, and accomplish the office automation and cost containment objectives you desire.

Ready to contain your print output, print processes, and save some profit!

If so, consider letting Datamax take the lead with a Print Assessment. Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, Datamax can help identify opportunities for streamlining print processes, maximizing productivity of print assets and people, and improving total cost of technology ownership.

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Datamax insights on Print Management.

David, Industry: Manufacturing

“Our company had been a customer of Datamax for many years, leasing and renting copy machines. With the older leases reaching expiration date, we were introduced to Brian (our Business Process Consultant), who came in, performed a thorough analysis of our current business situation, and proposed a new way for us to do business, that would result in both increased efficiency, and cost savings. With Brian's plan and diligence, we have added four Konica Minolta bizHub scanner/copier/fax machines this past year, and have also entered into agreement with Datamax to place all of our remaining individual laser printers under contract. In summary, I can confidently recommend Datamax as a solid and reliable business partners, and an expert in their field of service."
Brian, Industry: Marketing

“Jeff (our Business Process Consultant) and Datamax helped me cut my costs as well as increase my productivity through a cost-effective solution. Before I was introduced to Jeff I had a number of small printers and paid hundreds of dollars per month to keep them up and running. Jeff introduced a wonderful solution that cut my cost in half, increased our speed and functionality, and increased the quality of our copies. Since the solution was installed, we have saved roughly $300 and will have an annual savings of $5,000.”
Steve, Industry: Transportation

“Working with Datamax has provided us with ways of saving time and resources with their Managed Print Services. After completing an honest assessment of my printing environment, Brendan (our Business Process Consultant) with Datamax, has found a way to save us time and money. I no longer need to worry about running out of printing supplies, print usage or expiring maintenance contracts; Datamax handles it all remotely! At this time I would like to convey our appreciation and thanks for Brendan's professional, responsive and expert services in which he has provided."