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Enterprise Print Management: 9 Tools That Offer Relief for IT Administrators

A proficient IT administrator derives satisfaction from automating tasks to enhance productivity, responsiveness ... and positivity.

In today's hypersonic-paced IT world, it's no surprise that the typical IT department is juggling a ridiculous number of tasks. From managing help ticket requests to tackling long-term projects to addressing ever-present security risks, it seems never-ending.

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12 Advanced Canon MFP Capabilities for an Evolving K-12 Environment

Accommodating a modern learning environment means adapting to the use of Chromebooks, iPads, smartphones, and supporting the ever-evolving world of print and scan. It takes time to evaluate, let alone figure out for your school environment.

As anyone who works on campus or has a child in K-12 education knows, the classroom is changing.

According to Hurix Digital, adoption of VR and AR in the online education market is expected to see an 18.2% CAGR between now and and 2027. The global K-12 e-learning market is expected to grow exponentially. Meanwhile, security continues to be a necessary priority: Eighty percent of school IT professionals reported that their schools were hit by ransomware in the last year, according to a global survey of 3,000 IT/cybersecurity leaders conducted by cybersecurity company Sophos.

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Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation: 2023 Tax Incentives on Office Equipment Acquisition

Section 179 Deduction of the IRS Tax Code is an immediate expense deduction that business owners can take for purchases of depreciable business equipment. 

Continuing to invest in new technology equipment to maximize efficiency is a valuable endeavor for organizations looking for a competitive edge. It's even better when you can maximize tax deductions as well.

Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation are two components of the 2017 TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) that present potential tax savings for your organization if you're in the market for copiers, printers, or other related technology hardware or software. To maximize the current incentive, qualifying equipment must be financed or purchased before January 1, 2024. Also of note: Beginning Jan. 1 of this year, bonus depreciation has begun to phase out over the next four years.

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5 Ways In-Plant Printers Can Boost Print Production Operations

In-plants are facing heightened competition for filling press capacity, keeping work in-house, and adapting to a changing landscape. There’s little room for leaning on “the way we’ve always done it.”

There’s this old joke about plants and generational groups. “What did the young plant say to the old plant? OK, bloomer.” Jokes aside, there’s relevance to that pun here... plant or in-plant. As the COVID era wanes and parent organizations get back to full speed, and as print/buyer demands continue to evolve, there’s no denying the fact that, for in-plant printers, the times are changing.

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Print Management: Get a 10,000-ft. View, Full Control of your Printing

How can you guarantee a Return on Investment without overarching control and full visibility of your print environment and end-user activities?

Leaders are routinely tasked with taking the “10,000 foot-view” perspective.

After all, it’s from this vantage point far above that reveals the entire landscape. Without a global view, it’s hard to make decisions and strategic moves that benefit the entire organization. It’s not uncommon in most technology engagements to host strategic, pre-rollout assessments and then actively monitor and control the relevant landscape.

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5 Reasons a Print Management Solution is Essential for K-12 Education

Superintendents, campus IT, and administrative teams must work together to maximize budgets while managing printing proactively to deliver a secure, accessible print environment for everyone on campus. This is where a Print Management solution becomes a valuable asset.

Mark Twain has this funny quote about a teacher’s first day back in the classroom.

“Describing her first day back in grade school after a long absence, a teacher said, ‘It was like trying to hold 35 corks underwater at the same time.’” IT administrators on campus might often feel the same.

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6 Signs it May Be Time to Replace Your Old Copier or Printer

There likely won’t be an obvious indicator that it’s time to replace your trusted copier or printer. However, there will be signs.

If your office had one essential worker, it would be your Multifunction Printer/copier.

It works diligently and consistently, without much of a break. It also multi-tasks in unique ways, printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and finishing to help you complete workflows and custom print jobs every single day. Of course, from its initial unboxing to its final resting place in the boneyard (the area of a copier dealer's warehouse where it is eventually stripped for parts), your copier has a  certain life span.

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Copier Dealer vs. Direct Manufacturer: Which is a Better Option?

Here are 7 points to consider when evaluating whether to choose a copier dealer or a direct manufacturer.

Discovering the right blend of printers and copiers for your office, from brand to specific model to where these devices are strategically placed, comes with no shortage of options and decisions.  Signing on to a 60+ month lease is a big move, raising the stakes on choosing wisely.

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7 Numbers Every Copier Provider Should be Willing to Share

The numbers detailed below will say a lot about the level of service you can expect (and subsequent downtime), capabilities in applying technology to your business needs, and frankly just how well they take care of their clients. 

It's always good to know your numbers.

When you lease or purchase your next copier or printer, you're likely entering into a long-term relationship with a provider; and not all copier companies are created equal.  Beneath conversations about speeds and feeds, lease details, onboarding logistics, and in some cases, gimmicks and slick advertising pitches, there are some hard numbers that cut through the fat and help you make the right decision.

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Don't Let Office Print Compromise Your Zero Trust Security Environment

What happens when Zero Trust encounters your print environment?  How do you avoid compromising an otherwise locked-down IT environment? How do you retain the ability to print as needed? 

For a rising number of organizations today, when it comes to security, trust simply cannot be earned without proper approval. No exceptions. Seventy-two percent of organizations are either in the process of adopting Zero Trust Security or have already adopted it, according to Statista.

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