Print Accounting

Print spend – you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Measurement is the key to getting print costs under control and setting realistic budgets. The good news is you don’t have to guess any longer. We believe establishing reasonable budgets in concert with active monitoring is the key to controlling print usage across an organization. Our print accounting software effectively tracks printing, authenticates and manages clients, accounts, codes, and users for invoicing and charge-back purposes across the entire network. Such capabilities are highly relevant for legal firms, healthcare providers, architecture firms, manufacturers, financial services, and many more.

These tools are configurable so that your finance director can track all output costs and monitor cost savings through graphical reports that are relevant to their needs. Track statistics such as:

  • Usage by individual - compare users by volume, amount of color output, and other metrics
  • Usage by device - visually compare device usage for both under- and over-used assets
  • Trend analysis of print volume, color use, average job size, etc.
  • Environment information, such as the number of trees that have been saved through double-sided printing
  • Number of mobile print job starts

Track charges by user as well as track all internal printing costs by assigning each printer multiple price structures:

  • Create a budget for each user
  • Require a manager’s authorization before printing large or expensive jobs
  • Create cost codes for print and copy jobs to ensure that the correct budget is charged

The cost of printing can be extreme, but leveraging print accounting software (i.e. PaperCut, uniFLOW) is estimated to save approximately 50% of that expense. If you’re ready to start tracking the true cost of printing, we’re ready to show you how!

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