Technology Assessments

Actionable insight for developing a well-managed network.

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Technology Assessments

Actionable insight for developing a well-managed network.

From traditional IT risk to security risk, Datamax can help establish the foundation for a well-managed network. Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, Datamax can provide exhaustive view of your existing security landscape, improve overall technology management, and enhance your technology infrastructure investment with contemporary best-practices and advanced discovery technologies to identify misalignment between your IT and your business goals.  

The Datamax technology assessment project evaluates two different yet related aspects of a company’s investment in technology infrastructure—Network Risk and Management & Leverage. The assessments typically incorporate four core phases: scanning, documentation, analysis, and validation. Our findings and analysis, along with recommendations for action, are packaged for review by your executives for action.

In the end, objective baseline information gathered from Datamax Technology Assessments provides solid direction for strategic technology decisions focused on developing a well-managed network that provides the foundation for a competitive advantage.

Technology Assessment: Network Risk

The Datamax Network Risk summarizes the operational risk to the company given the manner in which technology is currently deployed. Unlike other network risk assessments, our approach is completely non-invasive. There are no agents, no probes, and no software is permanently installed. As a result, there are no traces of assessment activity, conflicts with other applications, firewall issues, and uninstall requirements.

Key network risk components include:

  • Virus defense and end-point security assessment
  • Workstation and server operating systems and patch levels assessment
  • Password management insight
  • Asset reporting

Technology Assessment: Management & Leverage

The Technology Management & Leverage Index (TMLI) measures the potential of the technology infrastructure to provide an operational return on investment. The TMLI is based on factors related to:

  • Technology management efficiency
  • Employee productivity
  • Operational expense
  • Identifying potential for providing higher levels of uptime and service availability

A standards-based approach to procurement (“technology stack”) and the existence of well-conceived and repeatable management processes are also considered.

From initial Technology Assessments to more comprehensive Technology Audits, we know that significant improvement opportunities can be identified for most organizations when it comes securing their network infrastructure. If your company is interested improving its technology landscape and IT decision-making, a Datamax Technology Assessment may be the answer. Let’s visit!

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