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What are a Few Copier/MFP Security Issues My Staff Should Be Aware Of?

As you and your organization continue to converse and strategize on some key areas where Copier and MFP security should be addressed, here are 7 places you can start.

Regardless of any state-of-the-art functionalities your copier or multi-function printer (MFP) may possess, at the end of the day, it's simply another device connected to your network. Naturally, security as it pertains to these print devices is a big deal.

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We're Spending Too Much on an Old Business Phone System. What Gives?

With UCaaS, you cut down on the number of third-party software solutions you’re using to support communications.

Maybe you’re holding onto that legacy phone system because you’re worried about change, or it's just comfortable keeping everything "as is."  Or maybe you’re concerned about the cost of an upgrade. Either way, your old POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) is likely costing too much and not delivering the value and capabilities one should expect today.

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What Basic Factors Should We Consider When Choosing a Copier?

Here are five basic considerations for you to ponder between now and when you're rolling in that brand-new copier.

A copier (i.e. multifunction printer) is a big-time investment. As with any such endeavor, it’s best to do a fair amount of due diligence before narrowing your search. The model(s) you decide upon, and perhaps more importantly, your choice of vendor, will determine whether you’re sustaining successful workflows or suffering successive headaches for the next five years or so.

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How Can I Quickly Set Up Initial Security Settings on My Canon Copier?

Do you need help enabling security settings on your Canon multifunction printer? Overwhelmed by all the jargon? We're here to help. 

Realizing the critical nature of document and multifunction printer (MFP) security in today’s office environment, Canon has made taking the initial steps in locking your MFP down even easier.

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Deploying So Many Printer Drivers is a Real Pain. What Are My Options?

uniFLOW Online Universal Output Que helps to reduce the number of printer drivers that organizations must manage within their print environments, by enabling direct printing to compatible devices without the need to install device-specific drivers.

Printer Driver deployment can be a real pain for IT.  

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What Copier Security Features Do I Need to Best Protect My Business?

What are the copier security “must haves?”  Here are 10 features and capabilities we feel should be heavily considered.

Your copier can easily be considered just another device (albeit a critical one) on your network. So, in an office environment, where sensitive information is printed, shared, and stored, security on this device should be a top priority to reduce security risk.

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What are the Benefits of 'Right-sizing' My Copiers and Printers?

The goal of right-sizing the print fleet is to eliminate unnecessary or underutilized printers while ensuring that there are enough devices strategically placed to meet the printing demands of the organization.

Not unlike searching for the "right person, right job," at your office, your copiers and printers should be the "right size, right volume, right application" if you're going to run at peak productivity.

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What is Causing So Many Paper Jams With My Copier?

Let's explore some common causes for paper jams so that you can possibly avoid them as often. 

It's a universal pain associated with every copier: The inevitable paper jam. While relatively common in any office environment, they can put a real wrinkle in your workday productivity. While your trusted copier repair service provider can certainly get you back up and going, let's explore some common causes so that you can possibly avoid them as often. 

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Is Unlimited Print Volume on a Copier Service Contract Really Unlimited?

The “unlimited volume” rate could be set at such a high volume that you and your users could never reach if you tried. 

Unlimited. The word just sounds so enticing — be it Internet data plans or copier service contracts. But is there more to the story?

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What's Included in a Copier Service Agreement? What's Not?

The short answer is this: Labor, Parts, and Supplies… everything but the paper (and staples). But let’s expand on that just a bit.

After establishing the right copier/printer solution for a potential customer, the conversation typically leads to the accompanying service agreement. At this point, we get this question quite regularly… “So, what’s included?”

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