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Unleash the Power of the Cloud

Electrify your flow of information with a Cloud-based Content Management Solution.

Electrify your flow of information with a Cloud-based Content Management Solution.

If you're like many companies utilizing content management technology, you know first-hand how dramatically it transforms your business. Long gone are the labor-intensive days of excessive document handling, file cabinets and hindered information access and sharing. Now, you're empowered to capture, distribute and manage all your documents more effectively—in a secure and scalable digital system—revitalizing your workflow and making your entire organization more intelligent, agile and productive.

Today, companies are moving their content management to the Cloud—a place where all your files, regardless of format, can be remotely stored and securely accessed. Rather than purchasing and managing hardware, the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model enables you to deploy your content management system in the Cloud for a simple monthly service fee that can be canceled at any time. You'll gain the new-found freedom to slash costs, access applications that would normally be outside budget boundaries, and communicate on an entirely different level.

"Content from the Cloud" represents dynamic service capability that's easily deployed, managed, customized and integrated, and will provide:

  • Access your private content management system via the web anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Balance access and security (govern who is authorized to view your content).
  • Track activity for regulatory compliance and adhere to a variety of records retention policies.
  • Combine transactional data and document management to enable better decision making, promote collaboration, and simplify complex work processes.
  • Manage your enterprise document management infrastructure without increasing IT budgets, support requirements or workload.

When you unleash the power of the Cloud, you'll discover an abundance of ways to work and collaborate. If you're ready to electrify the flow of information in your company, let's visit!

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