Secure Print

Secure Print

Restrict access to documents that require extra security – affordably.

It doesn’t make sense to secure your documents until it’s time to print them – and then make them accessible to anyone who walks by the printer. Whether deliberate or accidental, compromising confidential information can be damaging to your business in fines ... and your reputation.

Leveraging secure print capabilities (like those found in uniFLOW), Datamax can help you remove this weak link from your security, ensuring that documents aren’t left in the print tray for anyone to pick up. Also, when scanning from a multifunction copier to email, secure print software tracks each email and attaches the user’s credentials to the sent emails – no more anonymous emails from your office.

User Authentication and Secured Print Queues.

  • Authenticate users at the printer or copier, with a magnetic swipe, proximity, or smart card; PIN, fingerprint; or user name and password
  • Ensure document security by allowing users to access their secure print queue across any print device, enabling print jobs to be released or deleted as required

Mobile workers can also take advantage of secure printing while on the go. They can send jobs to the secure print queue via email, the Internet, or directly from a mobile device.

Other secure print advantages include:

  • Easy installation and is seated directly on existing printer drivers
  • Does not require additional IT infrastructure
  • Minimizes the need for excessive numbers of desktop printers

When you’re ready to secure your print document output, it’s time to contact Datamax.

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