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Creating and distributing impactful business communications depends on workflow that works — and starts with the right equipment from Canon and Lexmark.


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Best-in-class print technology. Precision print solution development and deployment. Client-empowering service — raving results.

At Datamax, we believe it takes all three to elevate corporate communications to unprecedented heights. From our extensive portfolio of Canon and Lexmark digital copiers and printers to our holistic solution development approach and ongoing support agreements, we have a wealth of resources to help you create, print, and distribute a maximized message to your customers and employees. Looking for more competitive advantage for your business. Consider the questions below...

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They're constantly helping us look for ways to optimize … instead of adding and adding and adding. Will Stokes (Datamax Client)

1. Do you use color strategically?

Give your business a competitive edge by conveniently producing professional-quality presentations, reports, and newsletters. Without expensive outsourcing, you can generate accurate, high-impact color or crisp black-and-white results on demand, right in house.

Finding a balance between ALWAYS using color or ALWAYS black and white can save you money and impact customer engagement — strategically!

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2. Are you clear about what your copier can really do?

Copiers are simply just not copiers anymore. Today they represent an intelligent business platform built to complement every stage of the document life cycle.

From creation to sharing, output to archival, these systems are designed to help you increase productivity and efficiency, meet security and environmental needs, control costs, and optimize your return on investment. No more just “makin' copies!"

3. Need to print from smartphones or tablets — securely?

With the growth of mobile and remote workers and the increasing trend of “bring your own device,” more and more workers are integrating smartphones and tablets into the office workflow process.

Whether within an office or at a remote location, workers often require document access and printing capabilities while on the move. Wondering how to support your growing mobile workforce and its need to securely access and print documents from smartphones and tablets? We can help!

People standing over office full of computers

4. Could you use more time-saving workflow automation?

For many organizations, the ability to capture, store, retrieve, edit, and approve information can pose a bottleneck in day-to-day operations. For today’s modern workplace, there’s a requirement for key documents and data to be securely stored for a specific time period and, when erased, the existence of an audit trail for proof of disposal.

Clients expect their records to be accessible. Employees expect easy access to their documents. Integrated workflow automation can make a difference.

5. Want to dramatically improve your service responsiveness?

In recent double-blind survey, when asked, “what factors most influence their buying decisions,” our customers and prospective customers were adamant about 3 things:

  • They want high speed response to all of their support/service requests.
  • They want us to resolve their issues quickly.
  • They want their equipment repaired on the very first visit.

These are the heart of our performance metrics and service delivery model — extending well beyond the transaction. 

Are you fanatical about your current copier service experience? ... or just flat frustrated?

Whether it's a technician scratching his or her head about an issue they've "never seen before," you wondering when they'll arrive or how to get someone on the phone, or just the extended, frequent downtime that's costing you profits and productivity, we understand the frustration.

That's why created this eBook — to offer insights on identifying several service factors that you can take back to your coworkers and help flip being truly frustrated to being a true fanatic.

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Datamax insights on Office Equipment.

Renata, Industry: Education

“We have recently signed leases for two of our locations. At one of our location, we were existing customer switching an old copier for a new one and our other location, new customer and installing new equipment. I want to give a huge thanks to the Datamax team for a great job they all have done, from scheduling someone to measure our area to installing the new equipment. Datamax team did a great job getting everything coordinated and making the transition smooth for both locations. Everyone was nice, professional and they all have done as promised. Thank you! ”
Colby, Industry: Legal

“I would like to thank you and Datamax for providing us with office equipment to meet our needs. I really appreciate the professionalism and straight forward solutions offered by you and Datamax. The Canon copiers have been a welcome replacement to our previous printers and copiers and the installation and setup was a breeze. As a law firm and a fee office for Chicago Title we have heavy printing demands and a need for reliable, cost effective equipment. Our Canon copiers have performed quickly and efficiently and haven't missed a beat. Thank you again for all of your help and we look forward to continuing to do business with Datamax in the future.”
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“The regular maintenance has been a blessing, too. We think of it much as we do our cars' tune-ups. The preventative work done keeps the machine running smoothly. The few times that we have had to call for service, the quick response and professional manner of the technicians has been outstanding. Our partnership with Datamax has been excellent, and we look forward to the continued relationship.”
Ligia, Industry: Energy

“We have had the pleasure to work with Brian (our Business Process Consultant) at Datamax, who diligently led the transition from a previous vendor, and took care of all phases of implementation of the new fleet of machines. Brian is responsive and thorough. In addition, the transition to the Customer Service Team was smooth and their service is excellent.”