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Are you paying far too much for little to no efficiency?

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Are you paying far too much for little to no efficiency?

One of the few things worse than a bad business process, is a bad business process that’s automated – allowing your work to become jumbled and convoluted even faster than when it was a manual process. However, as business advantage increasingly depends on access to and use of information, it’s no wonder that organizations are more active than ever in pursuing help to streamline traditional methods of managing documents. Without document management and workflow management software (and the expertise to implement that software), organizing documents, emails, scanned images, electronic faxes, graphics, Internet content, etc., is frequently a manual process that is very time intensive. Not to mention the possibility of losing that information.

This dated way to manage your documents simply doesn’t work in today’s digital, fast-paced office environment – at least if you want to stay competitive. Add in the burden of “Big Data” (which is NOT limited to only the largest organizations) and the challenge of information management and business process automation is bigger than ever. In light of all this, is your workflow – technology and process – up to the challenge?

Consider letting Datamax take the lead with an assessment.

Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, we can work together to:

  • identify opportunities for automating your document-driven work processes,
  • improve the speed of information retrieval and distribution,
  • enhance productivity and accountability with automatic notifications, and
  • maintain control over your business-critical documents.

From initial Business Process (Workflow) Assessments to more comprehensive Business Process (Workflow) Audits, we know that significant improvement opportunities can be identified for most organizations when it comes to optimizing document workflow. 

Expect a positive impact on risk, agility, and profitability.

  • Establish business continuity automation, address important compliance requirements, and ensure departmental or enterprise-wide information security. (“The average office spends $120 searching for every misfiled document and loses 1 out of 20 documents outright.” – Laserfiche.)
  • Increase the speed and access to information, leverage important business intelligence, and establish long-term strategies for streamlining paper-based or digital processes. (“A recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers study reports that the average worker spends 40% of their time managing non-essential documents, while the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that employees spend 20% of their day looking for information in hardcopy documents and only finding what they need 50% of the time.”)
  • Increase cost visibility for existing business processes, improve the total cost of document storage and retrieval, and measurably reclaim the bottom-line through technology. (“The average office spends $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet and $2,000 annually to maintain it.” –Laserfiche. With a document management solution, “Laserfiche estimates a 20% time savings based on filing and retrieval efficiencies, eliminating misfiling and workflow inefficiencies. Increased efficiency, as well as greater staff productivity, can save up to 6,000 hours annually or 2.4 full-time staff positions.”)

If your company is interested in finding better ways to drive business process efficiencies and reduce costs through the latest in document management and workflow automation, let’s visit!

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Angela, Industry: Healthcare

“Our company truly made the right choice selecting Datamax to implement our document management system. They jumped in with both feet to set our company up with the necessary tools to launch this project. Datamax has been by our side since that time to offer support and ensure we have the latest upgrades. Richard's (our Technology Consultant) ability to troubleshoot certain issues we have is invaluable.”
Tami, Industry: Government

“Our office recently embarked on a journey to implement document management in our Finance and Human Resources departments. Implementing a new system is never an easy task and there were so many unknown variables; at least to us! However, Scott (our Technology Consultant) remained calm and patient throughout the hours of planning the Laserfiche system to suit our needs. Additionally, we were all impressed with his expertise in the Laserfiche products and his ability to explain the system in layman terms to bring us all to an acceptable level of comfort with the product. Scott has made it a pleasure to do business with Datamax."
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Not only did he repair the issue, he was proactive in helping us to find a more efficient way to scan our documents to our desktops. Our IT person had set a rather cumbersome path due to using google mail. (I believe that was the reasoning) Shawn (our Technical Representative) saw those posted directions and sought me out to explain an easier method. Wow, what a relief to now have this in place. This is certainly one of the reasons that I have been so pleased with the church's relationship with Datamax these many years. Thank you again for your company's commitment to customer service”