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Enterprise Print Management: 9 Tools That Offer Relief for IT Administrators

A proficient IT administrator derives satisfaction from automating tasks to enhance productivity, responsiveness ... and positivity.

In today's hypersonic-paced IT world, it's no surprise that the typical IT department is juggling a ridiculous number of tasks. From managing help ticket requests to tackling long-term projects to addressing ever-present security risks, it seems never-ending.

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12 Advanced Canon MFP Capabilities for an Evolving K-12 Environment

Accommodating a modern learning environment means adapting to the use of Chromebooks, iPads, smartphones, and supporting the ever-evolving world of print and scan. It takes time to evaluate, let alone figure out for your school environment.

As anyone who works on campus or has a child in K-12 education knows, the classroom is changing.

According to Hurix Digital, adoption of VR and AR in the online education market is expected to see an 18.2% CAGR between now and and 2027. The global K-12 e-learning market is expected to grow exponentially. Meanwhile, security continues to be a necessary priority: Eighty percent of school IT professionals reported that their schools were hit by ransomware in the last year, according to a global survey of 3,000 IT/cybersecurity leaders conducted by cybersecurity company Sophos.

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5 Quick Reasons to Use uniFLOW Online in a Hybrid Work Environment

In the end, uniFLOW Online provides a flexible and secure print and scan infrastructure for the future of work.

The COVID-era predictions are coming to fruition: Work from Home is here to stay.

According to Forbes, as of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model. As administrators know, the ever-shifting "workplace" can make managing print even trickier.  uniFLOW Online simplifies printing and scanning for employees, whether they're at the office or at home. The user experience is similar no matter where they're printing to, making it easy to switch between work environments.

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Zero Trust on Campus: 4 Areas Canon & uniFLOW Bolster Print Security

The following provides a closer look at the security capabilities of Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices and how incorporating your print environment into a Zero Trust strategy can foster trust between the end user students/faculty, the device, and the associated data.

If and when someone approaches a multi-function printer on your campus, have you considered an ideology of "Never trust, always verify"? 

The adoption of zero-trust security frameworks is increasing as a recommended approach to addressing cybersecurity risks, and with good reason. The Pandemic brought many changes, but among them, the sudden shift to remote work (and virtual learning environments)  in 2020 brought to light the need for more comprehensive security.

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Maximize Your Church Mission With an In-House Digital Press Solution

Under the right circumstances, with a relevant solution, and with the right partner, you can set your own turnaround times, control volume to meet current demand, and potentially save on costs along the way.

Your mission is what really matters.

Membership retention, fundraising, volunteerism, and ongoing outreach: These are all elements of delivering on your vision for your congregation and the community at large. The materials produced to help support that mission – flyers, banners, graphics, etc. – go a long way in communicating the heart and soul of it.

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Print Management: Get a 10,000-ft. View, Full Control of your Printing

How can you guarantee a Return on Investment without overarching control and full visibility of your print environment and end-user activities?

Leaders are routinely tasked with taking the “10,000 foot-view” perspective.

After all, it’s from this vantage point far above that reveals the entire landscape. Without a global view, it’s hard to make decisions and strategic moves that benefit the entire organization. It’s not uncommon in most technology engagements to host strategic, pre-rollout assessments and then actively monitor and control the relevant landscape.

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5 Reasons a Print Management Solution is Essential for K-12 Education

Superintendents, campus IT, and administrative teams must work together to maximize budgets while managing printing proactively to deliver a secure, accessible print environment for everyone on campus. This is where a Print Management solution becomes a valuable asset.

Mark Twain has this funny quote about a teacher’s first day back in the classroom.

“Describing her first day back in grade school after a long absence, a teacher said, ‘It was like trying to hold 35 corks underwater at the same time.’” IT administrators on campus might often feel the same.

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Don't Let Office Print Compromise Your Zero Trust Security Environment

What happens when Zero Trust encounters your print environment?  How do you avoid compromising an otherwise locked-down IT environment? How do you retain the ability to print as needed? 

For a rising number of organizations today, when it comes to security, trust simply cannot be earned without proper approval. No exceptions. Seventy-two percent of organizations are either in the process of adopting Zero Trust Security or have already adopted it, according to Statista.

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Unified Firmware Platform: Simplify Device Security On Canon Copiers

Let's face it. Applying the right security settings and ensuring best practices can get complicated fast, but Canon’s Unified Firmware Platform (UFP) simplifies that for you.

Firewalls, VPNs, anti-virus protection... these are all commonplace in today's tumultuous cyber security landscape. It goes without saying that cybersecurity is a top initiative for organizations aiming to protect sensitive information and their reputation.  What about your copiers and printers, and their inherent need for protection? Perhaps less commonplace. 

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Print Management 101: What is Your Organization's Print Ability?

How capable are you in controlling both users and devices, i.e. how well do you curb wasteful printing habits?

Printability is a common term in the realm of business. It’s simply the capability of a document to be printed to whatever desired format, style, or quality.

Print Ability? That calls for a deeper discussion. Print Ability is a term we’ve coined here to ask, simply, how smart and capable are you with handling your organization’s print behavior? Call it Print Management 101.

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