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5 Quick Reasons to Use uniFLOW Online in a Hybrid Work Environment

In the end, uniFLOW Online provides a flexible and secure print and scan infrastructure for the future of work.

The COVID-era predictions are coming to fruition: Work from Home is here to stay.

According to Forbes, as of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model. As administrators know, the ever-shifting "workplace" can make managing print even trickier.  uniFLOW Online simplifies printing and scanning for employees, whether they're at the office or at home. The user experience is similar no matter where they're printing to, making it easy to switch between work environments.

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Print Management: Get a 10,000-ft. View, Full Control of your Printing

How can you guarantee a Return on Investment without overarching control and full visibility of your print environment and end-user activities?

Leaders are routinely tasked with taking the “10,000 foot-view” perspective.

After all, it’s from this vantage point far above that reveals the entire landscape. Without a global view, it’s hard to make decisions and strategic moves that benefit the entire organization. It’s not uncommon in most technology engagements to host strategic, pre-rollout assessments and then actively monitor and control the relevant landscape.

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5 Reasons a Print Management Solution is Essential for K-12 Education

Superintendents, campus IT, and administrative teams must work together to maximize budgets while managing printing proactively to deliver a secure, accessible print environment for everyone on campus. This is where a Print Management solution becomes a valuable asset.

Mark Twain has this funny quote about a teacher’s first day back in the classroom.

“Describing her first day back in grade school after a long absence, a teacher said, ‘It was like trying to hold 35 corks underwater at the same time.’” IT administrators on campus might often feel the same.

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Considering Cloud Print Management? These 6 Questions are Looming.

The short answer is that cloud services create new opportunities. Print management is no exception.

Just as migration is a necessary journey toward available resources at any given time, businesses, too, are increasingly finding new capabilities in the cloud.

Cloud migration is soaring. Flexera’s “2020 State of the Cloud Report” says that 93% of enterprises use some form of multi-cloud services, up from 84% in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing Work From Home mandates only rushed the migration for many.

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Control Print Environments of Any Size Securely with uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online is designed to help reduce overall printing costs, maintain print and workflow productivity, and keep printed documents out of the wrong hands.

As the last 12 months has evidenced, work environments are ever-changing.

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