Laserfiche Document Management 

From content management to business process automation, less paper equals faster access to information — and faster business processes.

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In our “got to have it right now” business world, unmanaged and inaccessible documents simply won’t cut it. Document Management can help.

Take a look at any organization and not only will you find an overabundance of unmanaged paper documents, but also emails, faxes, computer files, Web content, and images scattered among departments. As the volume and complexity of this data increases over time, efforts to find critical business information become cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. And sometimes, fruitless.

Enterprising companies realize that to thrive, key content and disparate document management processes must come together—unifying information across the enterprise. Is your efficiency in accessing information cutting it?  Consider these five questions...

Being able to flow paper electronically through a workflow solution for approval processes really helped facilitate work between our two buildings. — Phyllis Rogers (Datamax Client)

1. How long does it take to find a document? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Never?

Paper files can take considerable time to retrieve.

Walk to the filing cabinet, find the correct folder, open the folder. And then you might realize that someone else in the office has the file you need. Paper is one-user-at-a-time access.

Above all else, a document management solution allows you to find documents quickly and easily – seconds rather than minutes. Even when you don't know what you're looking for, full-text search allows you to search – Google-like – through the contents of a document (PDFs too) to find the right information at the right time.

Document Workflow demonstration

2. Are your workflows working for you?

Have you ever asked “why” your business processes flow the way they do?

If you're like most companies, your document workflows and processes are done the way they are because that's the way “they've always been done.” Process automation software can automate document management processes, but automating a bad business process is an invitation to being inefficient faster.

Step back and take the time to understand how work SHOULD flow in your business with Document Management.

3. Have you experienced process hiccups from lost documents recently?

Laserfiche estimates a 20% time savings based on filing and retrieval efficiencies, eliminating misfiling and document workflow inefficiencies.

Increased efficiency, as well as greater staff productivity, can save up to 6,000 hours annually, or 2.4 full-time staff positions. 

Automated workflows enable companies to make productive use of business-critical information, using document management software to put an end to manual paper shuffling. Documents become easily accessible, allowing employees to become more efficient and processes more reliable.

People standing over a laptop and several documents

4. Do your document processes inhibit or promote collaboration?

It's easy for employees to use a personal, cloud-based filing system outside of an IT department to save documents that they use frequently.

While this may be good for personal productivity, these silos of “shadow IT” are bad for business – increasing security risk and making it more difficult to know which document is the “right” one. A single document management repository ensures that there's “one source of the truth” for your enterprise's documents and content.

5. Can you quickly access data to make the best-informed decisions?

1 in 20 paper documents are lost or misfiled.

Document Management ensures that you never lose a document again. “Born digital” documents can be automatically saved into a document repository. Paper documents can be digitized via scanning technology. Either way, full-text indexing and metadata ensure rapid, accurate retrieval of even infrequently-used documents.

Never lose a document again. Never make an uneducated business decision again.

Interested in finding document workflows that really work?

A DocCare Document Management Project will turn your business into a new and improved productivity and efficiency machine. Our solution delivery methodology includes proof-of-concept development, system design, implementation, integration, and project management.  Our stuff works!

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Datamax insights on Document Management.

Angela, Industry: Healthcare

“Our company truly made the right choice selecting Datamax to implement our document management system. They jumped in with both feet to set our company up with the necessary tools to launch this project. Datamax has been by our side since that time to offer support and ensure we have the latest upgrades. Richard's (our Technology Consultant) ability to troubleshoot certain issues we have is invaluable.”
Tami, Industry: Government

“Our office recently embarked on a journey to implement document management in our Finance and Human Resources departments. Implementing a new system is never an easy task and there were so many unknown variables; at least to us! However, Scott (our Technology Consultant) remained calm and patient throughout the hours of planning the Laserfiche system to suit our needs. Additionally, we were all impressed with his expertise in the Laserfiche products and his ability to explain the system in layman terms to bring us all to an acceptable level of comfort with the product. Scott has made it a pleasure to do business with Datamax."
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Not only did he repair the issue, he was proactive in helping us to find a more efficient way to scan our documents to our desktops. Our IT person had set a rather cumbersome path due to using google mail. (I believe that was the reasoning) Shawn (our Technical Representative) saw those posted directions and sought me out to explain an easier method. Wow, what a relief to now have this in place. This is certainly one of the reasons that I have been so pleased with the church's relationship with Datamax these many years. Thank you again for your company's commitment to customer service”