MaxCare® Office Equipment Support Agreements

So, you've signed a long-term lease on your office equipment. How do you ensure the support needed for the long term, too? We've got that covered. 


At Datamax, we cover a whole lot of ground when we exclaim, “We’ve got you covered!

As a premier business technology provider for over 65 years, we believe we’ve covered all the bases in our pursuit to offer the very best empowering technology solutions and services. At the point of acquisition and well beyond, Datamax can help maximize YOUR return on technology investments through MaxCare®, the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of technology support services.

ImageCare - Managed Service/Support for MFPs & Digital Production Systems.

Datamax understands that even the most advanced office equipment technology solutions in the world are of little value without ongoing support that gives you legitimate peace of mind. 

Every Datamax copier/printer/production print solution is backed by our Total Solution Management approach that helps our clients escape the worry, inconvenience, and lost time associated with managing technology. ImageCare offers industry-defining service and support – in writing – for every facet of our office equipment solution. Plus, client-empowering programs and guarantees are built into each of our agreements. Learn more about ImageCare.

ConnectCare - Installation, Training, and Connectivity-specfic Support for MFPs.

We don’t just implement technology solutions. We “strategically orchestrate” them – around your workplace, your employees, your information flow, and, most importantly, your business objectives. Our breadth of experience and team-based approach enable us to pinpoint your needs and creatively unite disparate technologies to implement solutions that harness technology to help achieve your business goals.

We ensure the smooth implementation of Datamax solutions by employing methodical project planning documents and carefully crafted agreements that we honor throughout the contract. ConnectCare – used to streamline the integration of our clients’ advanced printing systems – allows us to establish that client needs are met, the proper technology infrastructure exists to support connectivity and a foundation is in place to achieve results worth raving about. Learn more about ConnectCare.

LeaseCare – In-house Leasing Services and Technology Acquisition Strategies

Our goal is simple – to help businesses make smart decisions regarding technology. However, as a single-source provider also offering superior service and in-house leasing, we understand smart decisions involve more than the technology itself.  

From pre-sale to post-sale and beyond, our primary focus is on delivering responsiveness, flexibility, and a business relationship of close accountability. Our ability to provide single-source financial services through our own leasing company (DATAMAX Leasing Division) empowers our clients to gain maximum control over their business finances – and their budget. Learn more about LeaseCare.

Other agreements we offer under MaxCare® include PrintCare, DocCare, CloudCare, ConversionCare, CommCare, and TechCare for IT managed services. If you are looking for more freedom to focus on your forte—managing your business, not your technology, consider Datamax. We’ll help you maximize the technology that matters to you.

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