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5 Ways In-Plant Printers Can Boost Print Production Operations

In-plants are facing heightened competition for filling press capacity, keeping work in-house, and adapting to a changing landscape. There’s little room for leaning on “the way we’ve always done it.”

There’s this old joke about plants and generational groups. “What did the young plant say to the old plant? OK, bloomer.” Jokes aside, there’s relevance to that pun here... plant or in-plant. As the COVID era wanes and parent organizations get back to full speed, and as print/buyer demands continue to evolve, there’s no denying the fact that, for in-plant printers, the times are changing.

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3 Ways Canon's UVgel Technology is a Wide Format Game-Changer

Canon’s UVgel technology, as featured in the Océ Colorado Wide Format Series, is retaining the advantages of prevailing printer technologies while eliminating many of the compromises.

What constitutes a game-changer?

Atari’s ball-swatting back and forth game Pong spawned a $22 billion home gaming industry. Michael Jordan leapt from the free throw line for a spell-bounding dunk. The IBM PC Model turned personal computers from a hobby into a legitimate business tool.

Game-changers exist across all professional endeavors. They introduce a new direction and have immediate impact. They breed change. They strike fear.  They literally change the game. Print technology is no exception. Enter Canon’s signature UVgel technology.

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