Managed Print Services

With a Managed Print Services program in place, “most companies can reduce their printing costs by 10-30%.” – Gartner Group.


When it comes to visualizing print spend, many organizations are driving blind.

Is effectively managing your print environment something that you've overlooked? Are you simply overwhelmed?  Controlling month-to-month print spend is not particularly easy — the many moving parts are hard to identify, much less control, as you embark on improving your organization's printing habits.

Even so, Managed Print Services is a valuable endeavor for those driving blind: According to Garner, with a Managed Print Services program in place, most companies can reduce their printing costs by 10-30%. Under its PrintCare Managed Print Services engagement,  Datamax helps companies take back control over their print environment, and regain visibility of all print activity. 

Components of a Managed Print Services Program include:  

  • Implement print policies to cut on costs and waste
  • Eliminate uncollected print jobs with Secure Print release
  • Gain full print visibility by department or individual with actionable reports
  • Authorize users to control who, when, and how they print
  • Enable BYOD printing and manage in a secure environment

Advantages of a Managed Print Services Program include:

  • Cessation of new equipment acquisitions until a Print Strategy is developed
  • Identification of print devices, usage, and applications
  • Identification of hidden print costs
  • Development and deployment of Print Strategy
  • Consolidation of print responsibilities
  • Outsourced fleet management
  • Managed print expenses
  • Optimization of fleet deployment
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Minimized carbon footprint
  • Improved total cost of ownership

Change Management ensures a successful rollout.

A successful Managed Print Services rollout depends on having a proper change management strategy and a partner who understands its value. MPS change management components include:

  • Strategy – Answers the “WHY” Managed Print question (or more specifically, “Why are you relocating my desktop printer?”) and challenges employees to “THINK” about the value of smarter printing, as well as provide an opportunity to align with pre-existing corporate stewardship and green initiatives.
  • Promotion – Provides a campaign of collateral and communications to help ease the transition to a more responsible way of printing by promoting change as a benefit not only to organizations as a whole but on a personal level as well.
  • Feedback – Helps identify program and print application blind spots, solicits performance information, and grass-roots recommendations for ongoing MPS project optimization.

In the end, a well-delivered MPS rollout can build confidence in newly deployed Print Management initiatives, promote company-wide buy in, and accomplish the office automation and cost containment objectives originally envisioned.

To learn more about how to efficiently roll out a PrintCare Managed Print Services program for your company, get the conversation started with a Datamax Print Specialist today!