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Your "Virtual" CIO–added value for your IT planning and decision-making.

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IT Consulting

Your "Virtual" CIO–added value for your IT planning and decision-making.

These days, the success or failure of many business initiatives often relies on the ability of the underlying technology to drive the initiative forward. Does your existing technology match your business needs? Promote your goals? Enable your business to take advantage of unexpected opportunities? Does your technology infrastructure allow you to be agile? Datamax gets to the real answers to these questions through our VCIO-spearheaded consulting – designed to provide insight and recommendations so that your information technology expenditures add value to your business, make you and your employees more efficient, and are affordable and within your budget.

Every company has a destination to reach – a specific set of business goals and objectives they need to achieve. And most companies today know that they’re only to go as far as their technology takes them. So, one would assume that since technology is what ultimately drives business and determines its success or failure, most companies would dedicate considerable thought into the who, what, when, and how that is driving their technology.

At Datamax, we are committed to helping our clients arrive securely at their destination – wherever they may be (or however many that may be as well!). As the designated technology driver for numerous companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, we have decades of experience in providing technology-based solutions that propel business towards defined goals.

Datamax’s IT-based business consulting allows companies to:

  • Assess effectiveness and suitability of existing technologies
  • Modify IT infrastructure to align with business objectives
  • Realize true cost of ownership and reduce IT-related expenses
  • Gain agility and flexibility to grow and modernize into the future
  • Provide valuable business intelligence to company stakeholders

Gone are the days of buying technology just for the sake of buying technology. After decades of throwing money at IT investments without an inkling of those investments’ impact on business, many companies now realize that it is time to demand more from their technology and start holding it accountable for delivering bottom-line results.  

To learn more about how Datamax’s IT-based business consulting can help optimize your company’s technology investments, please call 1.800.633.1526 or request more information online.

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Mark, Industry: Manufacturing

“Our company has used Datamax for all of our IT needs for the past seven years. We could not be more pleased. Truthfully, with the incredible reliance that we place on our server and desktop computers and the speed at which changes take place in this industry, I do not know how we would function with any degree of confidence without their services. The monthly service calls always are helpful, and our primary contact, Richard, has become like one of the family here at our company. We have presented him with numerous challenges (most of which needed immediate response), and he was always up to the task. We have also been very impressed with the rest of the behind-the-scenes Datamax support staff. We would, without hesitation, recommend Datamax for anyone's IT needs. In fact, we have, on numerous occasions.”
Mary, Industry: Government

“Below is a list of attributes Jason (our Technology Consultant) brings to the City each week he is onsite: a) Has a thorough knowledge of the City's network, b) Is aggressive in troubleshooting and getting answers to questions related to outstanding network issues, c) Very interested and involved in project planning and support, d) Always finding ways of making our network work more efficiently and adheres to "best practices" recommendations by industry standards, and e) Always concerned about security vulnerabilities from both inside and outside the network. Jason is professional, diligent, and well received by our employees. He represents himself and Datamax in a positive manner. Our city appreciates Datamax and the entire support team for the services it provides."
Justin, Industry: Sporting Goods

“From the beginning, Datamax has been an extremely huge help. Because my responsibilities are split, I can trust Datamax to resolve our IT needs in a timely and professional manner. Each person I have worked with has been professional, courteous, and hard working. Thank you Datamax for all that you do!"