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Document Management projects must be well-documented so they can be well-delivered.

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Document Management projects must be well-documented so they can be well-delivered.

Many companies have come to the point where “enough is enough.” Tired of inefficient, time-wasting manual workflows, they have decided that to grow their business, they must automate their document workflows. Yet other continue to sit on the fence – afraid to fully commit to change and willing to endure the status quo. So why are some companies wavering while others are all systems go on document automation? Based on what we hear, it seems:

  • Other automation project initiatives appear more important and are easier to sponsor
  • Having enough internal resources to effectively complete/coordinate the work is a concern
  • Such a project requires too much detail and decision-making to fiddle with at this time
  • The cost/benefits of document management automation are not well enough understood
  • Finding a competent technology partner is not easy

Whatever the situation (all understandable, by the way), we know the more time an organization takes to finally deploy document-based automation, the more savings they miss out on in the long run. Stop wavering. It’s time to consider a well-documented and well-delivered Document Management project from Datamax. We can help define your project’s scope and business requirements and carry through to implementation of a Document Management solution to address your business challenges. Read on to discover your options with Datamax.

Requirements Definition Project

We know every company has its unique way of handling documents, but few know whether their document processing activities and strategies are truly optimized. A document management-focused requirements definition helps organizations determine how they can increase operating efficiency by modifying existing processes and establish a solid approach for implementing relevant business process improvements. Datamax’s Requirements Definition Projects include the following activities:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to align business objectives and corporate vision with document management solutions
  • Analyzing current document handling strategies to spot possible weaknesses in the distribution of paper-based information
  • Assessing document storage processes and their role in ensuring secure records-keeping as well as ensure compliance with legal requirements and governmental regulations
  • Examining existing IT infrastructures and detailing the necessary hardware and software specifications to support a document management initiative
  • Developing in-depth descriptions of professional recommendations and cost estimates for implementation projects

Implementation Project

Once your requirements have been identified and defined, we can take the next step together with a formal DocCare Implementation Project. Your DocCare project will carry through on document recommendations to make the envisioned improvements a reality. Our solution delivery methodology includes proof of concept development, system design, implementation, integration, and project management – ensuring the best possible return on your technology investment.

At the end of the day, Datamax can help you achieve better business process, better business collaboration, and better informational accessibility – the foundation for making better-informed decisions. To learn more about how we can get your organization started on the right path to providing access to all your documents while improving your business processes, let’s visit!

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Angela, Industry: Healthcare

“Our company truly made the right choice selecting Datamax to implement our document management system. They jumped in with both feet to set our company up with the necessary tools to launch this project. Datamax has been by our side since that time to offer support and ensure we have the latest upgrades. Richard's (our Technology Consultant) ability to troubleshoot certain issues we have is invaluable.”
Tami, Industry: Government

“Our office recently embarked on a journey to implement document management in our Finance and Human Resources departments. Implementing a new system is never an easy task and there were so many unknown variables; at least to us! However, Scott (our Technology Consultant) remained calm and patient throughout the hours of planning the Laserfiche system to suit our needs. Additionally, we were all impressed with his expertise in the Laserfiche products and his ability to explain the system in layman terms to bring us all to an acceptable level of comfort with the product. Scott has made it a pleasure to do business with Datamax."
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Not only did he repair the issue, he was proactive in helping us to find a more efficient way to scan our documents to our desktops. Our IT person had set a rather cumbersome path due to using google mail. (I believe that was the reasoning) Shawn (our Technical Representative) saw those posted directions and sought me out to explain an easier method. Wow, what a relief to now have this in place. This is certainly one of the reasons that I have been so pleased with the church's relationship with Datamax these many years. Thank you again for your company's commitment to customer service”