Your Office Equipment: The backbone of your business ... or a backbreaker?



As the core hub for producing and distributing critical business information, you know you've got to trust your copier's capabilities.

And certainly that of your potential technology partner. Printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and finishing are all essential business functions that your color copier, or Multifunction Printer (MFP), consolidates into one. But is it capable? Is it reliable? This comes down to relevant office equipment technology that maximizes productivity, and expert copier repair service that minimizes your downtime.

Your Office Equipment: The backbone of your business? Or backbreaker? Ask yourself these 6 questions. 

They're constantly helping us look for ways to optimize … instead of adding and adding and adding. Will Stokes (Datamax Client)

1. Are you clear on everything your copier already does?

Clarity on your copier's true capabilities depends upon clear communication with your office equipment provider. 

You should see them regularly. A business technology needs assessment (aka Datamax Discovery™) is an important initial launching pad for addressing your unique business needs and how technology can cater to them.

But needs (and capabilities) evolve. Quarterly reviews (aka Datamax Partnership Reviews) ensure service performance visibility, solution adaptation to organizational change, and ongoing user education.


2. Are you a fanatic of your copier repair service? 

“What factors most influence YOUR copier buy decisions?"  We posed that question in a double-blind survey to customers and prospects.

They were adamant about three things:

  • They want a high-speed response to all of their support/service requests.
  • They want issues resolved quickly.
  • They want their equipment repaired on the very first visit.

These are the heart of our performance metrics and service delivery model.

3. How much thought have you given to Copier/MFP Security?

Cybersecurity remains a hot business topic. So why does the copier often get left out of the conversation completely?

Copiers connected to a corporate network are a potential cyber security target just like any other endpoint device. Utilizing security solutions like uniFLOW or Secure Print to control user access and protect stored information should be big talking points for you and your technology partner. 

People standing over office full of computers

4. Are you using your copier to streamline business processes?

Got bottlenecks? Broken workflows can shatter productivity in a hurry.

Your clients expect records to be accessible. Employees need easy access (via processes like scan to email) to documents. Your copier can be a great vehicle for streamlining the way you capture, store, retrieve, edit, and approve essential business information.

5. Color printing: Creating impact ... or unnecessary expense?

Color printing can create tremendous impact — but if used irresponsibly, it creates a senseless cost with no value. 

A color copier or digital press solution can produce documents or marketing materials that give your organization a true competitive edge, but not every application (such as a spreadsheet) calls for color. A Datamax Print Specialist can help your organization print responsibly but still produce a professional impact with color. 


6. Does your lease provider care if your copier's down, or only getting paid?

At Datamax, accountability means “We will care for your technology throughout the term of the lease... NO 3rd party."

How can you be sure? Well, the same company that you develop and acquire your technology solution from is the same company that services and cares for it … and since that’s the same company that holds your copier lease and to whom payments are made, accountability is embedded in the business relationship.

Are you fanatical about your current copier repair service experience? ... or just flat frustrated?

Whether it's a technician scratching his or her head about an issue they've "never seen before," you wondering when they'll arrive or how to get someone on the phone, or just the extended, frequent downtime that's costing you profits and productivity, we understand the frustration. That's why we provided this eBook, "10 Factors of a Fanatical Copier Service Experience" (aka, Service Provider's Buyers Guide).

In it, we'll deliver key factors any copier repair service organization should possess, and help you ultimately vet your next provider.




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