Remote Network Monitoring

Remote Network Monitoring

Proactive and process-based technology monitoring for the enterprise.

Do you come to work in the morning to find some kind of problem with your network? It may be just little things at first. The computer is too slow, downloads are taking forever, Google doesn’t look right, pop-up ads are appearing on your desktop, can’t open email attachments, your printer won’t print . . . you probably have others. What are these annoying problems telling you? How long before these small inconveniences become a day of downtime and lost productivity for your business. What will it cost you? Can you afford to let it continue?

Down-time is expensive, demoralizing to employees, and upsetting to your customers and clients. Being proactive allows you to have the peace of mind that potential problems never become problems. Issues will be discovered and addressed early, before disrupting your daily business operations and hurting your bottom line. Deploying a remote network monitoring solution can keep your business running efficiently, securely, and cost effectively – without disruptions – around the clock.

Datamax Managed Network Services provides 24/7/365 network monitoring to ensure that your network infrastructure is operating properly. This continuous monitoring identifies any issues BEFORE they begin impacting user productivity. While impossible to prevent all issues, monitoring allows Datamax to identify the early warning signs of issues. Our RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) team also ensures that online backup is taking place as needed, periodically tests backups for validation, ensures that antivirus, anti-malware, and firewalls are properly providing network protection, and many other routine tasks that ensure high availability and continued employee productivity.

Datamax remote network monitoring pro-active alert capabilities:

  • Create user defined monitoring and alerts
  • Automated event log monitoring
  • Alert on hardware and software changes
  • Know if disk space is running low
  • Monitor computer online/offline status
  • Know if a server goes down

Datamax believes that while reactive service will always exist and is important, proactively identifying core technology issues and addressing them before they become major problems is the best path to provide end users with the best technology experience and business owners with the highest level of productivity from their employees.

To learn more about such capabilities found within the TechCare Managed Network Services framework and how Datamax's IT Managed Services keeps your organization running efficiently, let’s visit.

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