Managed IT Services: You can consider IT done.

Having a robust, secure IT network isn't optional today. Investing the time, resources, and expense to deploy and manage it yourself IS 

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IT today is increasingly complex. Cyber security concerns abound with the continued threat of Ransomware and other cyber-criminal activity. For many companies, managing a network environment internally is cumbersome... even worrisome.

Workplace technology encompasses so many different components — email, endpoint protection, employee cyber training, business continuity/disaster recovery, the emergence of cloud-enabled technology. Managing it all with limited internal IT resources can be overwhelming. Managed IT Services employs a team of experts to help you establish control over these components and allow you to focus on running your business. Consider IT done. 

IT is complex — but IT Management shouldn't be. Our solutions involve technology, of course, but they also involve creative thinking, collective expertise, and simple common sense.

Is it time you consider Managed IT Services? Ask yourself these 6 questions...

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1. When was your data back-up last tested for viability?

Six months ago? Never? It's probably time to check. Or better yet, automate. 

Much like your vehicle alerts you of maintenance issues, the right back-up solution automatically provides proof of backup viability and/or alerts you of failures.  Automated, verified backups are your best defense for ensuring full business continuity when the unexpected occurs. Is your back-up tested daily, or are you relying on your current provider to do so when they deem necessary? 


2. Is your help desk actually helpful?

Does your current IT Support staff have you shrugging your shoulders? Or letting out a deep sigh of frustration? 

We know the feeling. "What just happened?," or "Umm... where are they?" Whether it's an internal IT staff that's slow to respond or slow to resolve the issue, or an outsourced team that's far from local, serving up far too much "Geek Speak" to stomach, know this. Your team deserves better.   A well-outsourced IT help desk is always fully staffed, always up to speed on the bleeding edge of technology, and always capable of relating to (and communicating back) your needs. No "Geek Speak" allowed.

3. Trouble finding or keeping IT staff that's worth their salt?

When it comes to hiring challenges and maintaining full capacity, you're certainly not alone.

According to HR Cloud, 73% of candidates are passive job seekers. Finding (and keeping) the right people remains a hard reality faced by human resources and potential hiring managers. If you're losing faith in existing IT staff that is knowledge-stagnant, or having trouble maintaining one altogether, your best move may be gaining the resources that come from a reputable outsourced IT Partner. 


4. IT Assessments: Have they served your needs? ... or just the provider's?

A poorly executed business technology needs assessment can cause a partnership to plummet in a hurry.

Merely collecting data via hardware scan helps calculate the numbers on your next IT investment. A necessary endeavor? Yes,  but this should only be the starting point. A reputable IT partner is more interested in how technology is applied and how it works for your users, achieved by one-on-one user interviews and understanding how each utilizes technology

If your assessment is nothing more than just a quick scan, there's a good chance you're off on the wrong foot with your vendor... right from the start. 

5. Is your IT strategy stuck in the "status quo?"

Is your reasoning, simply, "it's the way we've always done it?"

It's human nature to tell yourself that. We understand. However, the threat landscape today is ever-evolving and much more sophisticated. Has your IT support person or your support team embraced the latest advanced methodologies to keep you secure, or is technology obsolescence a real concern? When it comes to IT security, and optimizing your technology potential, the "status quo" is a scary place to be these days. 


6. Do you believe you're "too small" for targeted attacks?

Accenture’s 2023 Cybercrime study reveals that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks were on small businesses.

Here's another stat. Only 14% of these accounted SMBs are prepared to face such an attack (Accenture). Simply put: The notion that the nature of today's cyber threat only pertains to large enterprises is unequivocally false.

Is your business adequately prepared for today's unrelenting cybersecurity climate? Do you feel confident in that answer? A reputable IT partner delivers peace of mind amid what is an undoubtedly hazardous cybersecurity climate. 

Is your objection to Outsourcing IT grounded in myth, misconception, or reality? Let's find out. 

When it comes to hiring a Managed IT Services Partner, there are many unknowns — and even more misconceptions — about what this engagement means (and doesn't mean) for your business. In our eBook, "7 Reasons Not to Outsource Your IT... So You Think," we discuss candidly 7 commonly-heard objections, and shed some light on the empowerment and peace of mind Managed IT Services provides.

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Datamax insights on Network Management.

Mark, Industry: Manufacturing

“Our company has used Datamax for all of our IT needs for the past seven years. We could not be more pleased. Truthfully, with the incredible reliance that we place on our server and desktop computers and the speed at which changes take place in this industry, I do not know how we would function with any degree of confidence without their services. The monthly service calls always are helpful, and our primary contact, Richard, has become like one of the family here at our company. We have presented him with numerous challenges (most of which needed immediate response), and he was always up to the task. We have also been very impressed with the rest of the behind-the-scenes Datamax support staff. We would, without hesitation, recommend Datamax for anyone's IT needs. In fact, we have, on numerous occasions.”
Mary, Industry: Government

“Below is a list of attributes Jason (our Technology Consultant) brings to the City each week he is onsite: a) Has a thorough knowledge of the City's network, b) Is aggressive in troubleshooting and getting answers to questions related to outstanding network issues, c) Very interested and involved in project planning and support, d) Always finding ways of making our network work more efficiently and adheres to "best practices" recommendations by industry standards, and e) Always concerned about security vulnerabilities from both inside and outside the network. Jason is professional, diligent, and well received by our employees. He represents himself and Datamax in a positive manner. Our city appreciates Datamax and the entire support team for the services it provides."
Justin, Industry: Sporting Goods

“From the beginning, Datamax has been an extremely huge help. Because my responsibilities are split, I can trust Datamax to resolve our IT needs in a timely and professional manner. Each person I have worked with has been professional, courteous, and hard working. Thank you Datamax for all that you do!"