Does your current Digital Press have you feeling pressed for time? 

Whether you're acquiring a Digital Press Solution or evaluating your current one, realizing peak efficiency, reliability, and profitability is a must. Here's 5 questions to consider.

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There's "NO ROOM" for inefficiencies in today's print room.

That means moving with air-tight precision from job acquisition to job fulfillment, with no service downtime in between.  By partnering exclusively with one trusted partner, you gain true accountability and true visibility with all aspects of your digital press solution and service.

With the intent of maximizing your production run time, print specialists need strategic workflows that ensure they aren't walking away from jobs, customers or revenue... and not feeling constantly pressed for time.

So here are the 5 questions: 

Continuously fine-tuning our skills through advanced training, and maintaining hyper-focus on metrics like Response and Response + Resolution Time, are essential keys to our service culture. We believe they're real difference makers. — Steve Kennemer, Datamax Dallas/Fort Worth Vice President of Service

1. Do your service techs really know what they're doing? Are they hyper-responsive?

Have you experienced extended downtime — with resolution still unaccounted for?

It begs a few questions: Are your technicians sufficiently trained on digital press equipment? Are they local and able to respond swiftly and resolve issues the first time? Datamax is committed to all of the above. Corporate-wide, we've invested over 20K hours and more than $1 million over the past 5 years in such training.

Our Canon ATSP service training awards reveal themselves through the powerful metrics we measure and improve upon consistently: Response Time, Response + Resolution Time,  First Call Completion Rate, and more! 


2. Are you still haggling over print quality?

Your digital press vendor says the color's spot-on. But obviously, it isn't.

And the haggling continues. Color consistency is easily achievable with the right partner and professional tools. For example, Canon's PRISMAsync incorporates an in-RIP G7 calibration method. Without a need for third-party software or complex procedures , print professionals can quickly and easily calibrate their PRISMAsync-driven Production Color Presses to achieve a near-neutral print condition.



3. Do workflows force you to walk away from jobs? ... or customers?

Are you walking away from potential jobs? Leaving customers in limbo?

The challenges faced today by production printers — tight turnarounds, shorter, highly varied job runs, increased customer demand — can put the press room in disarray. That is, without a relevant end-to-end solution to define and direct production processes.  Developing workflows specifically envisioned for your operations can help your team meet the demands of customers, and leave you available for additional jobs. 

Datamax Production Print

4. Do your account reviews keep you rolling... or reeling?

Are account reviews even happening? Are they actually productive?

A Production Print Partnership Review entails a thorough review of service performance metrics and SLAs, whether the current solution aligns with your business goals, and offers the chance to think strategically looking ahead.
It's much more than just a periodic lunch or unannounced fly-by.

5. Is your service provider also your lease provider?

Having a one-source technology partner pays off big for your print operation.

It gives you leverage (should you need it). It gives your provider more reasons to remain accountable. Accountability, to us, means thoughtfully caring for your technology throughout the entire term of the lease. With Datamax, the same company that you develop and acquire your equipment from is the same one servicing it — which equates to a mutually empowered relationship built for the long-run... and for the long production runs.


1. Datamax Production Print Assessment

Partner with our Production Print Specialists. The Datamax Discovery Process reviews your current production print job workflows and identifies underlying issues affecting productivity, quality, turnaround, and cost.


2. Datamax Service Support Certification

Datamax is the only independent dealer/service provider in the region, and one of only four in the nation, to achieve ATSP — Canon’s highest standard for service training certification — for 16 straight years.


3. Datamax Partnership Review Program

It's not just tactical. It's strategic. Our regularly-scheduled reviews analyze service performance metrics, maximize technology capabilities and reinforce both your return on investment and return on impression.

Our portfolio is a powerhouse.


Production Color

Match high impact color with superior productivity with our production color equipment line.

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Production Monochrome

Monochrome equipment line blends versatility and consistency for high speed b/w production environments. 

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Production Controllers

Get more from production processes - and your finished product - with an array of digital front-end servers. 

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Workflow Software

Make print automation a reality with the perfect workflow solution for your production print environment.

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