Document Security Solutions

Is your entire document infrastructure secure? Are you sure?

Protecting corporate intellectual property demands a comprehensive security game plan. Much of your IP resides on documents and includes items such as proprietary product designs, financial data, strategic plans, customer information, and internal confidential communications. As documents continue to shift from paper to electronic, these vital assets can be more exposed than before – unless you have a plan. You must consider your ENTIRE document infrastructure (paper AND electronic) when determining the most effective document security plan. This includes your hardcopy document storage systems, laser printers and multifunction printers, as well as digital document management and storage systems (including network folders, cloud services, databases, and mobile devices).

Datamax can help you develop a plan and a system to store all your documents more securely, while also providing control over document access. By leveraging industry-best technology from Canon, Laserfiche, or Nuance, permissions can be easily configured and customized, ensuring that only authorized personnel are granted access to view and modify specific documents. Permission settings can be applied on multiple levels, starting at the document level, ranging to entire categories of documents or anywhere in between. Keeping track of audit trails makes it possible to quickly see who has accessed a specific document, which, when combined with retention policies can be a good start to meeting your compliance objectives. Document-level security can also be enhanced by assigning a digital signature to every document.

In summary, software-driven document security can help you:

  • Customize specific employee document access rights
  • Protect documents from unauthorized access or release
  • Redact confidential information
  • Ensure long-term document preservation with standardized formats
  • Analyze and audit document-specific user access

What about MFP-based data/document security?

Today’s enterprises have built a strong perimeter of firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and anti-virus software to protect their digital assets and information. Attention is given to network servers and user workstations, but networked laser printers and multifunction copier devices have been largely not considered when it comes to the security of the images that reside on their hard drives. 

We know how to fill in this security hole and can assist clients in augmenting their corporate security plans to avoid unsanctioned access to copier hard drive data – and ensuring that hard drives are properly disposed of at the end of the office equipment’s life. Finally, most digital devices, when connected to your network, are network addressable. We can ensure a data breach from this potential security hole never happens.

Security doesn’t begin and end with network security, there are many other elements to consider, especially your documents.

Document security . . . it’s safe to say you better have a comprehensive plan. Let’s visit!

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