Network Security

Network Security

Helping you safeguard against a false sense of network security.

How effective is your current network security strategy? Are current IT program’s policies, practices, and technologies positioning your organization against current and future network security threats? Do you feel that your company might be a high risk candidate? For many companies, the answer to these remains a resounding “um…”

The reality is that the wild, wild Web is a lawless place, and as a result, developing an effective IT security program can be a daunting challenge. Your security program must protect your most important data and systems, while mitigating the most potential and dangerous security threats. There is tremendous pressure to constantly keep your security program updated and to promote an approach that accounts for changing business priorities, shifting security controls, and new attack techniques. In addition, you must accomplish this all at a reasonable cost and with minimal business disruption. No pressure, right? Datamax can help!

Datamax Network Security provides the ability to:

  • Deliver multi-layer protection
  • Detect vulnerabilities & methodically apply patches
  • Guard against loss of sensitive data
  • Protect email
  • Secure web traffic
  • Enable secure collaboration
  • Centralize systems management & security

In the end, our highly scalable, state-of-the-art security services offer comprehensive network and security functions in a unified platform, allowing for simplified management of local, remote, and mobile network services.  

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Security planning and policy.

Best security practices. They’re being given a great deal of attention by business leaders at the highest levels of corporate America. Given the prevalence of technology in modern business, developing best security practices for technology management is critical to a well-run, reliable technology infrastructure.  Datamax can help you develop your best practices and formalize your security policies to ensure all organizational IT assets are secure and in regulatory compliance where necessary.

To learn more about the network security services found within our TechCare Managed Network Services framework, and how they can help cost-effectively safeguard your organization’s information and technology resources, let’s visit.

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