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Avoid the Great Divide Between Service Level Expectations and Reality

As the landscape changes, so do business needs. It’s a technology partner’s obligation to maintain an open dialogue, to listen intently, and provide complete transparency on documented expectations and business-building strategies. 

In my time as a Solutions Sales Specialist, I played a lot of  “20 Questions.”

My steady stream of inquiries to clients had a strategic intent. The client's answers provided key nuggets of information for:

  • digging into client current (and future) needs 
  • discovering operational challenges 
  • planting new seeds of opportunity 
  • ensuring expectations were being met at all times

If there was a gap between my client's perception and reality, it was my job to stand in it.

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Don't Take a Recess From Business Continuity — Protect Your Law Firm

If a firm with 25 employees who bill at $200 per hour lose one hour of uptime, that’s $60,000 a month on lost opportunity. — Attorney at Law Magazine

As attorneys, you’re committed to providing your clients with the best legal advice and service possible. In order to do so, you recognize that in the world of law, time stops for no one. Court dates are appointed, not chosen. Contracts have deadlines. Client meetings are a must. Any type of power outage, therefore, is a huge threat to law firms. As a lawyer you have a finite amount of time to build your case, gather materials, research, etc. Should an outage strike your firm as a result of a natural (or most likely man made) disaster during your last few days before court, for example, it could be detrimental to the outcome of a case.

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Canon Continues to Be the Best Copier for Law Firms

Some things just naturally go together — bread and butter, Batman and Robin, milk and cookies. What doesn't always go together is the service behind a business investment such as a digital copier or production printer.

Everything sounds great before the sale, but buyers are often left high and dry. At Datamax, our technical support professionals work hard, together with our manufacturers, such as Canon, to train and anticipate problems to support our product lines – and YOU! – after the sale. 

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Private and Secure Printing With Pull Printing

If you need to print confidential documents securely, pull printing can be your answer.

How often have you walked past a copier or printer's output tray and cringed to notice a confidential document sitting in plain view there?

When your business deals daily with documents that contain confidential or protected personal information (like law offices and medical professionals who need to be HIPAA compliant), you need a way to keep the documents that you need to print secure. Pull printing (often called follow me printing or secure print release) is one way to ensure that only the right people have access to those documents. 

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How to Use Your MFP/Copier for Bates Stamping

Bates Stamping can be as easy as pushing the “copy” button on your copier.

In the past, people who wanted to conduct Bates Stamping on their legal documents had to download extra software or purchase an expensive piece of equipment to do the job.

Today, however, it's as easy as walking to your copier. A dream come true for the legal industry, this revolution in Bates Stamping makes the process easier and more accessible than ever before.

Read on to learn more.

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Legal IT Spending – ILTA Research Shows How Firms Are Using Technology

Smart law firms are using IT to improve their businesses. REALLY smart law firms can outsource at least parts of the IT needs.

Are you getting the most out of your technology spending? Does your Legal IT (including your copiers and printers) help you meet your business needs? Or, like for many law firms (and other companies), does your IT not quite get everything done for you. 

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Photocopiers and the Dodo Bird

If you’re calling it a photocopier, you could be overlooking productivity possibilities of your law firm's multifunction copier.

MFPs. MFDs. Copiers. Digital copiers. All in one devices.

Photocopiers don’t exist any longer.

Well, let me restate that – no one is making photocopiers any longer. All copiers made today are digital copiers. If you go to a library or college, you might still encounter a photocopier.

Why am I talking about this? Why does it matter?

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Civil Litigation: Can You Copy, Scan, Store, and Archive?

Legal document management software and copiers can help support your litigation every step of the way.

Let’s start with the obvious – there are lots of documents to manage in any legal activity.

I’ve written a few times about the benefits of legal document management, so I won’t rehash those arguments here.

Too often, we see law firms still managing their files as paper documents.

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MEAP, Canon Copiers, and Worldox: Document Help for Law Firms

Law firms can automate document workflows directly to Worldox from MEAP-enabled copiers.

For law firms – when it comes to maintaining efficient workflows – technology plays a leading role. With the right technology, law firms can save valuable time and money by limiting the number of manual steps involved in their business.

And Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, offers both hardware and software technologies that can help your law firm do exactly that

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The Perks of a Multifunction Copier (Otherwise Known as the Copier)

A multifunction printer for your office can save you time, space, and simplify inventory needs while meeting your business’ document production needs.

Multifunction copier (or multifunction printer, MFP, most commonly just called “the copier”) is a 4-in-1 piece of equipment. It can combine the functions of up to four different devices – the printer, copier, scanner, and fax. These aren’t the simple copiers of decades past.

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