Support Desk

Support Desk

Communication that’s clear, consistent, and responsive—no geek speak allowed.

As the business landscape becomes more competitive and IT becomes more strategic, today’s global workforce is demanding a much higher level of technical support. To be successful, support desk operations must be prepared to provide know-how, availability, and results—and communicate it all clearly, consistently, and responsively.  

All too often we find organizations whose employees:

  • Feel like their messages or support requests disappear into a black hole.
  • Can’t find their technology support person when they need them.
  • Wait hours or days to hear from their technology support contact. 
  • Experience high frustration when trying to understand their technology support person.

When your workforce has a problem, complaint, or question, they want answers quickly, and they want their problem solved productively.  Our goal is to provide productive, meaningful customer communications while any support request ticket is open.  You can expect an immediate acknowledgement from Datamax when your request is received. You can also expect a second email when your ticket is assigned to a support desk resource – to occur within 15 minutes. Once a Datamax support desk resource is ready to begin working the ticket, a phone call is placed so we can begin clear verbal communications right from the start. Until your support incident has been resolved, you can count on a combination of written and verbal communications involving ongoing updates, scheduling or simple “check-ins” to ensure you are kept well informed.  In the end, we want you happy and back to work.

Additional support desk programs include:

  • Communication-oriented SLAs
  • Process-oriented ticket documentation designed to keep clients updated
  • Customer surveys on every completed support desk ticket
  • Client outreach program
  • Crisis communication plan

Leveraging the latest in Support Desk technology, Datamax remote monitoring managers and technology specialists have complete visibility to critical support ticket information—at any place and at any time.  So when we say, “we’ve got you covered,” consider IT done!  

To learn more about the support desk capabilities found within our TechCare Managed Network Services framework, and how they can provide your organization quick answers and productive support resolution, please visit our TechCare webpage.

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