A relevant approach to discovering the right office equipment for you.  

Datamax Discovery™ goes deep inside the "box" of office equipment to fully understand and fundamentally improve your unique business processes.


Finding the right office equipment shouldn't be an aimless process. Enter the Datamax Discovery™ process. 

Every organization handles, prints, and distributes documents a little differently. To find the right copier/printer environment relevant to your organization, we need to go deeper. Datamax Discovery™ is a multi-faceted business technology needs assessment designed to help identify opportunities for streamlining business processes, maximizing the productivity of technology assets and people, and improving your total cost of technology ownership. 

Rest assured…the discovery process isn’t about Datamax. It’s about you. It’s about how we can help you operate more effectively and conduct business more efficiently. So what does Datamax Discovery™ entail?

1. We ask more about your business.

We want to know more about YOU - what you do, how you operate, where you face business challenges. Our intention is certainly not to pry — merely to better understand. After all, it's impossible to make a truly relevant technology recommendation without first seeing your business from your perspective. 

  • What are your overriding business objectives and go-to-market philosophies?
  • What current trends or ongoing changes do you face in your industry?
  • What are your objectives as it pertains to the application of technology?

2. We analyze your current print/workflow processes. 

If a copier/MFP is the backbone of any business workflow system, documents are the vessels that carry information from one destination to another. What does your process look like? 

  • What size documents do you print regularly? At what volume?
  • What industry-specific compliance measures need to be accounted for regarding workflows? 
  • Have you taken the necessary measures to address MFP/printer security vulnerabilities? 

3. We appraise your current service delivery and partnership support.

What happens after the point of sale is crucial to your overall satisfaction and the health of our technology partnership. 

  • What are current Response and Response + Resolution times? Are they even measured?
  • How easy is it to communicate service requests, follow-up visits, toner fulfillment, etc.?  
  • How regularly do you meet with an Account Representative to review account performance?

4. We advance toward a relevant solution.

With necessary information gathered, we'll take the time to help you discover and develop relevant technology recommendations for producing and positioning business process improvements your company needs today... and well into the future.