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The 3 'I's of Proactive Service: Ensuring Dominion Over the Domino Effect

Before you begin asking “When can I expect a technician” and “When will my issue be resolved,” a few key questions will shine a light on just how prompt and ultimately effective your copier service might be moving forward.

There’s an old Bizarro comic strip showing an older man leaning up against the Patient Registration desk at a doctor’s office. “I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” he scolds the receptionist.

“Down the hall. You want ‘impatient registration’” the woman replies.

Comedy aside, customers today are tired of waiting.

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Avoid the Great Divide Between Service Level Expectations and Reality

As the landscape changes, so do business needs. It’s a technology partner’s obligation to maintain an open dialogue, to listen intently, and provide complete transparency on documented expectations and business-building strategies. 

In my time as a Solutions Sales Specialist, I played a lot of  “20 Questions.”

My steady stream of inquiries to clients had a strategic intent. The client's answers provided key nuggets of information for:

  • digging into client current (and future) needs 
  • discovering operational challenges 
  • planting new seeds of opportunity 
  • ensuring expectations were being met at all times

If there was a gap between my client's perception and reality, it was my job to stand in it.

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Canon Copier Service – We're in a Class (and Classroom) by Ourselves

How do you know when your copier service partner is REALLY capable of servicing your Canon copiers?

Do you have an “ego wall?”

Go into a doctor's office, lawyer, or some other highly-educated profession and in many offices you'll see proof of their expertise in the form of diplomas and certifications hanging on the wall. I lightheartedly think of those as “ego walls.”

In reality, professionals show off their qualification for a few reasons, including:

  • Pride in the effort to achieve their educational and professional goals
  • Proof that they know what the heck they're doing

My tongue-in-cheek way of thinking about these is as “ego walls” because there are some people who will put up any scrap of evidence to show expertise.

Regardless, all of those certifications and diplomas reflect work and effort to master skills. That's why we're extremely proud of our Canon ATSP recognition:

  • We're proud of the achievement and work we put in for it
  • It's proof that we know how to service Canon copiers (in fact, I think we're the best option to service, repair, and maintain Canon copiers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area)
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Is Your Copier Provider All-In On Service?

You don't have to settle for poor copier repair and maintenance services.

Ever been to a restaurant and request something that isn’t on the menu? Or even just wanted to slightly adjust your order? Or wanted a Coke, but all they served was Pepsi products?

How often has the server been unhelpful – if not rude?

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Crystal Clear Communication: THE Key to Successful Copier Service

Clear communications sets expectations, leads to successful projects, and improved financial performance. Here's our communication strategy.

So you’ve bought/leased a fleet of copiers or you’ve just signed on for a managed print services contract. What now? 

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Copier Service – Everyone’s Talking the Talk, But Who’s Walking the Walk?

A simple question will help you zero in on organizations that “Walk the Walk.”

Have you ever heard a potential new vendor say they have the best service? Maybe a better question is when haven’t you heard a vendor say they have the best service. In this competitive environment how can you protect your company from over promising and under delivering providers?

You’re not alone.

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Keep Calm and Copy On With a Copier Service Partner

You rely on copiers to keep your law office’s document production moving. When they break, you need a service partner that can help you copy on.

You are the behind-the-scenes glue holding your law firm’s practice together. Most days, you don’t feel like an office manager but like a triage doctor, prioritizing what needs to be done first. Only you also have the fun task of handling (some) lawyer’s outsized egos as well.

You’re up early. You stay late. You don’t have time to handle everything – nor should you.

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Advanced Training Certifications... Are They Relevant or Just Chatter?

The study found that seventy-four percent (74%) of employees felt they were asked to do things on the job for which they were not properly trained.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you say you've got advanced service training certification(s)—so what. If those certifications were worth their salt, everyone would be pursuing achievement, touting the distinction, and donning the emblems."—Naysayers International

As it stands, many service providers don’t seem interested (or perhaps capable) unless such certifications are required or mandatory by the suppliers and manufacturers they represent. Mandatory certifications may ensure compliance but not necessarily commitment to learning—which is the point. The fact is the vast majority of advanced technical training certifications in arenas like the copier industry are dealer-voluntary. So what does it say about those who don’t voluntarily participate in them? Whether cost, commitment or perceived lack of value from, oh the way, the OEM, we think that's a pretty revealing question.

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Speed of Service Equals Copier Uptime Equals Better Productivity

When office equipment experiences downtime, so does your office. Accurate, fast service puts you and your equipment back to work.


Remember the simple ringer on the counter of a hotel desk or in a store? A quick press on the bell, a ringing “ding!” sound, and you’d almost always hear a “Be right with you” from somewhere in the store. Service was on the way and you were satisfied.

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