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Cleayton Mills

Cleayton Mills

Cleayton Mills serves as the Vice President of Sales for Datamax Texas. His proven experience, high focus on team building, positive and productive sales culture, consistent sales consultant/sales management skills development, and in-field sales process involvement have defined Clay's success in sales management roles.

Recent Posts by Cleayton Mills:

Does Your Technology Partner Pass Your 2020 Vision Test?

Do their values reflect a commitment to maximizing your return on technology investment? Is their communication – and their approach – crystal clear?

Pardon the inevitable pun. But does your technology partner have a 2020 vision, at least for your business? Does their vision match your's?

In other words, can they:

  • Speak to the true challenges of your industry and your specific organization?
  • Identify opportunities for creating more efficient business processes, and make relevant technology recommendations that are relevant to YOU?  
  • Maintain accountability with proven results?
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Partnership: The Keystone to Key Account Management of Print Fleets

“How can I create - or run - a game plan if I can’t even reach my account manager?” — Lauren R., Office Administrator

In the study of ancient civilizations, the keystone represents more than just architectural eye candy.

The keystone, the wedge-shaped piece at the summit of an arch, is often noteworthy for its structural beauty and artistic significance (SEE: the Temple of Hadrian inside the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, above). But the ornately crafted stone atop arches also represent the final piece placed during construction and, more importantly, the piece that locks all the stones into position.

The keystone is regarded as the stone that holds all others together.

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Discover, Understand, and Manage Your Print Spend From Contract Beginning to End

“Our current vendor has done very little to help us manage our print spend from day one.” — Frank K., COO

Soon after President Thomas Jefferson completed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, he wanted to investigate and better understand the more than 828,000 square miles of land recently purchased west of the Mississippi River.

He called the expedition – famously led by Lewis and Clark – the Voyage of Discovery.

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5 Service Areas Key Accounts Must Expect Full Visibility and Visual Results

“Since the burden of requesting service is mine, my vendor isn’t managing much — let alone my account.” — Jene T., IT Director

The late folk country singer Guy Clark, a Monahans, TX native, once noted: “You look out over the West Texans plains, and you can see 50 miles. Stand on a tuna can, you can see for 100.”

For organizations managing a large fleet of copiers and printers, you need 100-mile visibility of your provider's service and support methodologies. Rather than being confronted with a series of storms on the road in front of you (increased downtime, communication issues, inaccurate billing) you should expect clear visibility up front from your technology partner.

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Upsize, Downsize, Synthesize: The Chemistry of Right-Sizing Your Corporate Print Fleet

“Our fleet, our workflows, and our costs are a cluster.” – Mary B., Office Administrator. 

There’s a certain chemistry involved with investigating print environments and the ways in which they interact, merge, and change over time.

Chemical synthesis is the purposeful execution of combining and manipulating multiple molecules to create one unique compound that is both unified and reliable. Much like the molecules that change through chemical reactions, major accounts are constantly affected by real world changes within and outside of your organization:

  • Selling a division of your company,
  • Adding a department,
  • Your stocks take a hit,
  • Company relocation,
  • Company acquisition,
  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Outsourcing print or bringing it in-house

Your printing needs evolve accordingly.

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Copier Service – Everyone’s Talking the Talk, But Who’s Walking the Walk?

A simple question will help you zero in on organizations that “Walk the Walk.”

Have you ever heard a potential new vendor say they have the best service? Maybe a better question is when haven’t you heard a vendor say they have the best service. In this competitive environment how can you protect your company from over promising and under delivering providers?

You’re not alone.

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