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Is Your Copier Provider All-In On Service?

Datamax Texas is like white tie service for your copier repair and maintenance services.

You don't have to settle for poor copier repair and maintenance services.

Ever been to a restaurant and request something that isn’t on the menu? Or even just wanted to slightly adjust your order? Or wanted a Coke, but all they served was Pepsi products?

How often has the server been unhelpful – if not rude?

I've been told “No!” on swapping sides from different items on the menu (I try to eat healthy, but sometimes you just don't want the steamed broccoli!). And, when a restaurant does condescend to substitute one item for another, what's the deal with charging for that simple switch?

Do you frequent restaurants that are inflexible and charge you extra because they can?

I doubt it. You settle for what you can get once or twice, but then it's time to move on to another choice. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always the server’s fault that the restaurant’s policy is driving away customers. Or that their beverage agreement is not in line with your soda brand of choice. But wouldn’t it be amazing if they went above and beyond and got you that Coke because it's what you wanted? Now that’s service!

Do You Settle for Poor Copier Service?

The same can be said about poor copier service—you settle because you're at the mercy of a contract and a decision that seemed like a good one until your first problem arose. But you shouldn’t have to settle. You deserve more but many SMBs accept mediocre service.

This happens for many reasons—maybe it seems too technical to question, or you don’t want to look like you made a bad call. It’s just easier (and enhances the office humor factor) to make excuses for the predictable return of the copier repair tech who never seems to fix the printer.

Like restaurants, too few copier dealers think about the long-term effect of truly outstanding service – taking care of the regulars. Regulars who will tell their friends about them. Regulars who will rave about them. Instead service can be hit or miss depending on the tech that is assigned to your call that day.

At Datamax, there is no better testament to our service than a referral to someone that they care about, and we’re proud of our 91.5 Net Promoter Score (60 is considered a great Net Promoter Score). I’ve talked about it before—we want to know what our regulars think. That’s why, after each and every service call, we take the time to survey how satisfied they were with the service. More importantly, we want to gauge their loyalty, and that's why we ask how likely they are to recommend us.

That’s because we know that a referral is a reflection on you and we guarantee that our quality care and company-wide enthusiasm will never let our regulars down! We even take it a step further and reward those who refer us with our Client Referral Program.

Team Mentality

In a customer service-related business, care shouldn’t stop with who you get. Back to my restaurant analogy…ever try to order something from someone other than your server? Do they treat you with as much enthusiasm and care as the person who is getting the tip? Not always.

In a fine restaurant, for example – where everyone works as a team – a request to someone other than your server is not seen as an imposition, but an opportunity to delight you with their hospitality. Can you say the same about your service partner? Do you receive the same level of service from everyone you encounter from the dispatcher to the sales representative to the service technician to the president? (Have you ever even met the president??) Or is the hospitality only turned on when it is time to buy something?

What you buy isn’t always as important as who you are buying from. Exceptional service is what keeps a customer coming back time after time. Don’t settle and end up at the mercy of a provider who couldn’t care less. You deserve a Coke (or those garlic mashed potatoes instead of broccoli).

One way to find out if you're going to be able to have a “Coke and a smile” as the ad used to say, is to ask your potential partner questions. We've put together a list of questions in a free eBook. Download your copy by clicking on the button below.

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