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Don't Kick Your Copiers or Printers – And 6 Other Tips to Minimize Copier Repair Needs

Shrink your digital copier repair needs with these six tips.

Kicking your copier can make you feel better. Here are six ways to avoid the urge.

I don't know about you, but I've been frustrated enough with printers and copiers over the years to want to give one a swift kick (I never have!). And many of you are no doubt familiar with the “printer revenge” scene in the move Office Space.

I've made this point before, digital copiers (and laser printers) today are complex pieces of machinery and they do wear out and break down over time.

But it's not always your copier's or printer's fault that it's not working correctly, sometimes it's yours.

What are some things that you can do to keep your digital copier(s) operating at peak efficiency? Here are five.

  1. Train Your Co-Workers
    Often, beyond being able to log-in (if you have security enabled on your digital copier – and you should) and push the button to copy or scan, people have no idea how to use all of a copier's functionality. A little training can go a long way. For more on this, read Shocking News! Employees Don't Know How to Use a Copier.

  2. Get the Right Copier
    Copiers and printers that are over-worked (or under-worked) require more repairs than equipment that is operated at its rated monthly volume. For more, read 6 Secrets to Selecting the Right Copier for Your Law Firm (these secrets work for most companies).

  3. Keep It Clean
    Dust is the enemy of your copier. Clean the glass weekly. To keep dust out of the inside of your copier, vacuum out the paper drawers once a month or so. Dust causes rollers to slip and can even affect output quality. And don't eat around your office equipment – crumbs get everywhere. And spilling your coffee on your digital copier is NOT a good thing.

  4. Don't Run With Scissors
    OK, I'm already sure you're not running through your office carrying a sharp pair of scissors! Keep sharp objects away from your copier – scissors, knives, swords, and machetes of course, but also diamond rings and staples. Scratches on the glass can affect scan and copy quality and lead to replacing the platen (that's the flat piece of glass under the “hood”).

  5. Turn Off Your Copier
    When it isn't being used, turn off the machine or put it into hibernate mode. This not only saves power, and your electric bill, but also prolongs the life of the machine. Be Green.

  6. Pick a Partner: You've Got Better Things To Do
    While you can use a break/fix model for copier repair, a maintenance contract with a service provider is often a more cost-effective alternative. Look for a managed services partner who also takes the time to do routine preventative maintenance after a repair. There's nothing more annoying (or avoidable) than needing a copier repaired AGAIN a week after a service tech visit. A partner who looks for parts about to break – and proactively fixes them – will maximize your copier (and printer) uptime. And copier uptime keeps your office productivity rolling.

And, seriously, don't kick your copiers (or printers). If you want to live vicariously, watch the printer beat down from Office Space.

4 Tips for selecting the right copier or printer.

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