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What to Ask Your Next Office Equipment Provider, Part 1


Most of us have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating because it’s true – there are no stupid questions (though we’ve all probably heard some stupid answers). 

This is especially true when asking a potential office equipment provider questions. When it comes to deciding whom to partner with for your copier and other office equipment needs – questions are an important part of the selection process.

How important? 

When looking at companies that sell copiers, selecting the right partner can really make or break how effective a technology purchase, lease, and/or software implementation will be.  Since questions are important in this process, here is a short list of them to help you separate the pretenders from the contenders.  

Ask away.

This first question might be the most important one. 

How Do Customers Review Them?

With the technology available, almost everyone looks at reviews and ratings before trying anything new these days. When we are going on vacation and want to know the best, most affordable place to stay – we check TripAdvisor, can’t decide which movie to see – we check Rotten Tomatoes, want to try a new restaurant – hello Google. Sound about right? Recommendations and reviews rule the day. 

Can They Help Me Manage Change?

Co-workers need to be eased into being trained on how to effectively use a new system, and this is necessary for ANY software implementation. What you want to avoid is a partner who hooks up the equipment and the next time you hear from them is when it’s time to renew your contract. A new machine brings new capabilities – and with new rules being implemented around printing, you need to share that information in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. 

How Will They Assess My Current Situation?

How will the provider determine where you are today (the as-is state) and where you’ll be in the future (the to-be state)? What tools and methodologies will they use to come to those conclusions and will you receive documentation of the plan? 

Can They Measure ROI on Managed Print Services?

In the case of managed print services (MPS), what tools does the copier company or provider offer to show cost reductions and ROI?

Do They Offer Solutions Beyond the Box?

Can the provider offer a variety of office productivity solutions (copiers, software, printers, production printers, IT services, etc.) in their toolbox or are they only interested in “selling boxes” and keeping you supplied with toner.

Are They Focused on YOU or Are They Focused on THEM?

Checking out their website can assist with this. Does it feel as if they’re truly interested in finding a solution to help you achieve your business goals or that they’re mostly interested in pushing a box of hardware? Every customer and potential customer interaction happens with this in the backs of our minds: we want to create Raving Fans. We measure and incentivize – we don’t pay lip service to customer service; we invest in and deliver stellar customer service.

As this concludes, let me go ahead and answer that first question for you –  9.7 of 10 of our customers tell us they would recommend us. If you are looking for a real partner, let us know. We’re happy to let you talk to one of our Raving Fans. We hope you’ll become one too.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “What to Ask Your Next Office Equipment Provider.”


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