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Does Your Office Technology Partner Have More Than Just A Hammer?

What does your technology partner have in their toolkit?

What does your technology partner have in their toolkit?

Perhaps you’re in the process of building your business. Or maybe it’s already built and time to remodel, expand or simply retool. Regardless of the stage of your business, one thing’s for certain. Your blueprint is like no other. Your people. Your workflow. Your goals. Your technology. They are just a few of the many facets that form the unique structure of your company and set you apart from your competition. The way they interrelate significantly impacts your bottom-line—that’s why it’s imperative that your office technology partner is equipped with the mindset and necessary tools to construct a solution that’s equally as distinctive as your business.

American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, once said… “To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.” We would offer... "To the customer who needs more than just a hammer, every builder better not look the same." If you need more, then look for a resource that can do more. In the quest to better address their ever growing technology needs, some companies are employing partner optimization strategies—a more nimble and responsive approach where "a variety of interrelated technology-based solutions and services" are provided in a holistic manner by single "well-qualified" partner. Simply reducing the number of partners is not the goal here—its finding partners who provide a wider portfolio of complimentary capabilities. Experiencing too many builders on the site (i.e. too many chefs in the kitchen) or more applicably, too many partners in the facility has left many organizations with their business objectives and business operations out of alignment. The right partner can make a difference.

Some benefits of a partner optimization strategy can offer include:

  • less time reiterating unique requirements and desired outcomes,
  • less time managing multiple partner relations,
  • less time spent in the procurement phase equals quicker solution delivery,
  • more partner accountability (as they say, "one bloke to choke"),
  • more time focusing on your forte—your core business,
  • and finally, its just easier!

At Datamax, we have much more than “just a hammer” in our toolkit. We have an abundance of technologies that allow us to take an unbiased approach to business process-related solution development. Unlike others, we don’t think every problem looks like a nail. Our thought process isn’t constrained to implementing a particular piece of technology or pre-fabricated solution. It goes far beyond one-track thinking and takes into account every relevant aspect of your business—enabling us to integrate dynamic and highly efficient technology solutions into the processes that are paramount to your success.

So, whether we’re crafting an Office Equipment, Document Management, IT Consulting or IT Managed Services solution, Datamax has a powerful set of tools to get the job done. To learn more about what’s in our toolkit of technology and services, let's visit!

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