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Keeping Score: Evaluating the Technology Infrastructure Within Your Business

Establishing quantifiable, standardized benchmarks which are then scored will allow senior business executives to begin assessing, and managing, their technology infrastructure as a whole.

Working with small and medium-sized businesses and helping manage their technology is as challenging as it is rewarding. Although every business is different, there are aspects common to all. For example, the business of an architect is different than a CPA, yet each must communicate, each must meet payroll, and each must be able to manage finances.

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Your Electronic Health Record System: Seven Features You Need

7 features to look for in your next – or first – electronic health record system.

This right electronic health record (EHR) system can benefit both your medical office and your patients. That's because this type of system keeps patients' health information in digital format and therefore easily accessible by authorized medical professionals, which is especially helpful for patients being treated by multiple doctors at different offices. Considering the convenience of an EHR -- along with available incentive payments -- it's easy to see why about 59% of medical providers now use one. But more than half of those providers have reported being unhappy with their EHR system. If you want a better chance at EHR satisfaction, make sure the system you choose has the following features.

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Technology, IT Projects, and the Secret Sauce

While here at Datamax we don’t believe there’s a secret sauce, we do believe in technology and think there are a few key “ingredients” that are critical to our clients’ achieving success.

IT projects don’t fail because of the information technology – and if they do it’s rare. Most IT projects fail when a company thinks they’ve found some sort of “secret sauce” of technology; as if ineffective business processes are going to magically be fixed or improved and employees will immediately be able to adapt and use the new tools. On the contrary, research from the Project Management Institute shows that changing mindsets and attitudes is viewed as the greatest barrier to new project success by 58% of people. 

There aren’t many shortcuts in life, especially when it comes to changing attitudes (those of us with stubborn children can relate).

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IT Security Breaches—It's Not Always The Bad Apple

81% of the respondents reported that negligent employees or other insiders have been responsible for at least one unintentional data breach within their organizations over the past two years. - The Human Factor in Data Protection Study¹

While companies will always be fearful of the malicious ‘bad apple’ employee, numerous studies have shown that most internal security breaches are accidental or unintentional; mostly a result of clever phishing tactics. Phishing is a scam featuring a malicious program posing as legitimate – an email seemingly sent by someone in your contacts, but the actual address is unfamiliar. Inadvertently, a well-meaning employee could succumb to such a scam by not realizing that something isn’t right. By properly identifying these causes, companies can not only inform employees of the risks, but can also reduce their exposure to these cyber-attacks. If employers take the time to educate employees on how to identify these threats, small business with limited resources can drastically reduce their own exposure at little to no additional cost.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Walt Kelly

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Service Level Communications—The New Network Management Paradigm

Poor communication?  In the top three?  Really? That's not a misprint ... poor communication.

There are many benefits from embracing this new network management paradigm: improved uptime, enhanced customer service and end user support, more efficient operations, and improved budget management to name a few. These benefits are realistic and attainable, yet many managed service providers struggle to deliver the promised benefits. Given the advantages provided by new technology, what else is required to be successful providing managed network services? Experience in the marketplace has shown that companies will fire technology service providers primarily for one of three reasons:

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You Could Be A Sitting Duck For Hackers – Here’s Why

Any device that can access your network is a potential security loophole. Close it.

Look around your office. How many printers, scanners, copiers, computers, laptops, webcams, tablets, and smartphones do you see? Every one of them is a ripe target for hackers. 

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A Crying Shame — Scams, Cons, And Ripoffs From The Internet

We must be vigilant regarding the Internet Con Artist because eventually we will be confronted with his scams.

“A Crying Shame” is written in large headline type across the cover page of a recent issue of Consumer Reports magazine. The byline states, “Seniors and their families lose $3 billion a year to con artists. What can we do to stop them?” The magazine contains an article focused on senior citizens who, as a group, are frequently targeted by con artists and their scams - often with devastating financial consequences. Several seniors are profiled and they share their stories of being duped in the hope that they can help others and prevent future pain and loss.

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The Technology Buffet — The Shortcomings Of Buying Without A Plan

Introducing multiple manufacturers into a technology infrastructure increases support complexity, which means extra costs.

One of the best things about working with companies in the SMB space (small and medium-sized businesses) is that there is never a dull moment. Technical people tend to be problem solvers and the interesting business models, creative growth strategies, aggressive goals, and unique challenges presented by these firms are part of what makes working with them so rewarding.

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