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Service Level Communications—The New Network Management Paradigm


Poor communication?  In the top three?  Really? That's not a misprint ... poor communication.

There are many benefits from embracing this new network management paradigm: improved uptime, enhanced customer service and end user support, more efficient operations, and improved budget management to name a few. These benefits are realistic and attainable, yet many managed service providers struggle to deliver the promised benefits. Given the advantages provided by new technology, what else is required to be successful providing managed network services? Experience in the marketplace has shown that companies will fire technology service providers primarily for one of three reasons:

  1. downtime,
  2. data loss, and
  3. poor communication.

Poor communication?  In the top three?  Really? That's not a misprint ... poor communication.

Digging a little deeper reveals most network management communications (if it exists at all) are filled with buzzwords, geek speak and techno jargon. “Business reports” filled with mind-numbing amounts of overwhelming technical data. It turns out that many managed network service companies would rather keep customers at arm’s length and bury them with unnecessary details than have real conversations and present meaningful information.  That's how you get fired!

Technology Management for REAL People

It starts with K.I.S.S. (as we all know ... keep it simple stupid or the politically correct version, keep it simple smarty). A welcome application of an old principle for governing problem solving in the new millennia. It's the foundation for a commonly expressed need in today's market—technology management for real people. Incorporating "problem-solving simplicity" and "service-level accountability," the new generation of help desk communications and network support...

  • reflects no geek speak (we count the words),
  • acknowledges communication within 5 minutes,
  • assigns tickets to responsive problem solvers within 15 minutes,
  • reaches out for live communication within 30 minutes. and
  • measures and reports performance every step of the way.

And speaking of reporting. Glad you asked. Supporting reports must be meaningful, useful, and not confusing. They should be REALLY good! They should also provide actionable with information that can help employees be more productive and help businesses run more smoothly. That's how you stay hired!

Technology Advocacy for REAL Challenges

When network or information technology challenges become more complex, seek out a technology advocate. Not an advocate in the “rah rah” sense. Instead, an advocate as in a real partner who represents the needs, interests and well being of others. This means that when working with clients, they remove the burden of technical complexity allowing them to focus on their business. (Read more in the blog... The Technology Advocate–Helping Companies Make Smart IT Decisions)

When you’re ready for real people and real conversations about business problems that technology can improve, when you’re tired of the status quo and tired of geek speak, give Datamax a call. We’re ready to get started and ready to introduce you to a better approach to network management!

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