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Speed of Service Equals Copier Uptime Equals Better Productivity


When office equipment experiences downtime, so does your office. Accurate, fast service puts you and your equipment back to work.


Remember the simple ringer on the counter of a hotel desk or in a store? A quick press on the bell, a ringing “ding!” sound, and you’d almost always hear a “Be right with you” from somewhere in the store. Service was on the way and you were satisfied. 

Even the patient among us don’t like to wait unnecessarily. When it comes to the office and work deadlines, even small delays can send the most patient person into a fit of pique. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ring a bell and receive immediate service?

We do our best. 

We’d love to guarantee immediate service. However, as you know, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is HUGE (take a look at this fun infographic to put it into context). Our technicians do have to drive to you. However, fast feedback on the phone and with email follow-ups will let you – ding! – know that service is on the way. 

Why do we focus on being fast? In addition to the obvious reasons that speed, combined with accuracy, is the basis of great customer service, we want to get your office back to work as quickly as possible. 

Waiting Drains Productive Time

In addition to being annoying, waiting to have your copier or other office equipment tended to has a cascading effect on your office’s productivity. If the only copier in your office is down, nothing is being printed, scanned, faxed, or copied until the technician arrives (and then cross your fingers that he has the right parts with him – ours almost always do, we fix it on the first visit 87% of the time). If it’s one of a few, then other printers and copiers are going to be overloaded and your co-workers are going to have to be patient with each other.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, having a copier or printer temporarily out-of-service is a pain in the neck. 

Equipment uptime is one key to business success. If your equipment is stopping and starting, so are your employees. 

Speed to Service is Critical

We know that our customers (and potential customers) hate to wait for service because they’ve told us (thank you!). After all, we’ve all experienced how a small interruption can snow ball into a major disruption if not immediately addressed.

So we focus on having fast and effective service response. Our current average service call response time is 2 hours and 37 minutes.

So is Speed of Problem Resolution

Speed without accuracy means nothing. Fast and wrong is worse than slow and steady. Fast and accurate . . . now you’re talking. That’s why we focus on SPEED and RESOLUTION. I’ve already mentioned our fix it the first time rate (87%, in case you’ve forgotten), we also average 4 hours and 17 minutes for response plus resolution. Our average “it’s fixed” is higher than the standard 4-hour industry response time. When our competitors are arriving, we’re saying our goodbyes and you’re office is humming again. 

Of course, we can’t always fix it in one visit and sometimes it will take longer to get to you (heavy traffic can be a culprit) and to fix the problem onsite (sometimes it’s not a simple or a quick fix). 

Office Equipment Maintenance is Key

It’s a simple fact of life that office equipment will break. When you’re partnering with someone to manage your print fleet, be sure to quiz them on their service speed AND their service accuracy. The less time they’re in your office, the more time you’ll be working effectively. 

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