Copier Repair Service - Resolution.

"Resolving copier repair issues quickly" requires a sharp eye for the right target.

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Copier Repair Service - Resolution.

"Resolving copier repair issues quickly" requires a sharp eye for the right target. As a result, our Response + Resolution Time (4:12 hrs) is as fast as our competitors' Response Time-ONLY Guarantees.

Winning isn’t about the team that arrives at the stadium ­first, it’s about the team who’s best prepared to excel on the ­field.

Speed without ability is of little value. Ability without the right target is pretty much the same.

So while we strive for rapid response, we equally strive to equal that speed with the ability to repair your equipment quickly. And we put our money where our mouth is – we invest and equip our service and support delivery teams with the very best training our technology partners have to offer.

For the last 5 years, Datamax has invested over 18 thousand hours and $900K dollars in technical training to enhance our service delivery responsiveness. In addition, we are the only independent service provider in Dallas/Fort Worth or the nation to achieve ATSP – Canon’s highest standard for service performance for 16 Straight Years. So when you have a service or support request, count on us to show up fast, focused, and equipped with the ability to resolve your issue quickly.

Amie, Industry: Real Estate

“Some Techs don't communicate with you once they are done servicing your machine on a problem that was called in. Quandre did an excellent job letting me know everything he did to our machine to hopefully fix the problem. He even spent time on the phone with a Canon rep to see if there was anything else he needed to do. He also called the day after to see if I had had any more problems. Excellent Customer Service! He went above and beyond to make sure all was working well. Thank you!”
Marvin, Industry: Insurance

“The technican (Kirk) was very customer service centric, and was a pleasure having him work on our copiers. So far each of the techs we have been sent were very knowledgeable and went out of their way to make sure all of our questions were taken into account and answered.”
Deborah, Industry: Healthcare

“I really appreciate Datamax coming to our immediate "rescue" once more. I love knowing that you are right at hand when we need you most. And thanks for stopping by and letting me know the problem had been resolved. This is the time of year that these machines can be put to the test with end-of-year presentations and meetings.”
Terri, Industry: Transportation

“So many companies focus on making the sale, then let the "other" guys take over, often leaving the client with the feeling of being abandoned. Not Datamax! I can honestly say that we have received the same high caliber of service after we had made our purchase. You've personally rescued us on many occasions, even though the "breakdown" was on our end. You are always available and are willing to help us resolve any issues that we might have, even though it may not be your responsibility. I would highly recommend Datamax and your team to any prospective client. You have continued to demonstrate to me that you value us as a client. Datamax is my "security blanket" and in these times that means a great deal to me. Please offer my congratulations to your staff and the wonderful people in your service department for a job well done!”
Lynn, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“He pinpointed the problem very quickly and immediately came up with a solution. He tested and re-tested the printer from his computer as well as several different staff persons' computers and made sure we were up and running again. Vladimir (our service representative) was open to and professionally patient in discussing with me the different possibilities and solutions. He also exchanged information with our IT technician who was here at the same time. He advised me how to check the machine connections, in hopes that the problem will not occur again. I assured him that we would follow the instructions. He was very professional and represented Datamax in what could only be a positive light.”