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Cutting Edge Strategies To Cut The Cost Of Printing

PaperCut is a simple, yet powerful way to monitor and manage printing throughout the entire business.

PaperCut is a simple, yet powerful way to monitor and manage printing throughout the entire business.

A goal of many businesses today is to reduce operating costs and an expense category often overlooked is general office printing. When you consider that total printing costs can consume up to three percent (3%) of annual revenues, such a goal can have a significant impact on the financial bottom line. If this is a goal of your organization (or you'd like to make it one), PaperCut is a cutting-edge print management solution that's worth exploring.

At its core, PaperCut represents a simple, yet powerful way to monitor and manage printing throughout the entire business, improving green initiatives (i.e. consuming less trees) and lowering printing costs in a measurable way. PaperCut allows for detailed reporting of total print output and costs, from department and company-wide reports to reports for individual users, ensuring that all areas of excess printing can be identified and the necessary steps taken to reduce paper consumption.

In addition to its powerful reporting capabilities, there are many additional benefits to utilizing PaperCut, including:

  • Find-Me Printing: Allows users to print to a single queue and then release the job to any device.
  • Print Routing: A management tool that ensures each print job is routed to the most appropriate printer. (i.e. large documents to high-volume printers)
  • User Alerts: Provides the ability to incorporate thoughtful alerts to discourage certain types of printing, such as printing email, or reminders that duplex has not been selected when it should be.
  • Page-level Color Detection: Represents a method for internal end-user bill back to recover costs associated with color printing.
  • Print Rules: Offers the ability to build custom rules and policies by implementing advanced print scripting.
  • Environmental-awareness Desktop Widget: Allows users to benchmark their printing habits against the company average.

PaperCut supports all major operating systems and installation is straightforward - the software deploys directly onto an existing server. After installation, user setup is quick and intuitive and can sync up with existing user directory services such as Active Directory and LDAP. Unlike many other print management software solutions, PaperCut is an open, vendor-neutral solution that utilizes a robust API, meaning it is highly customizable.

Other PaperCut administrative highlights include:

  • Automatic Management: Provides browser-based administration and, after initial setup, can often be left running for months without any ongoing manual maintenance.
  • Fully Scalable Software: Offers a fully scalable approach for small businesses with a handful of employees to multi-national corporations with up to 500,000 users.
  • Enterprise-wide Licensing: Includes no limits on total number of servers, workstations, document production devices, operating systems or domains.
  • Driver-less Printing: Utilizes web print functionality.
  • Security: Provides a secure system framework with Secure Print Release, Print Archiving and Watermarking functionality.
  • Interface: Reflects an intuitive and customizable interface.

For more information on how you can get started with a PaperCut Print Management solution from Datamax and begin lowering your annual printing costs and enhancing your green initiatives, let’s visit!


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