Client Referral Program

When you refer new business to Datamax, we believe rewards are definitely in order!

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Client Referral Program

When you refer new business to Datamax, we believe rewards are most definitely in order!

At Datamax, we believe the most significant reflection of our clients' satisfaction is when they recommend our company's products and services to a business colleague or friend. When asked, “how likely would they recommend Datamax to a friend or colleague,” our clients gave us an average score of 9.7 for 2015 (Scale: 1-10 … 10 being the highest, Source: Net Promoter Score® System). We value your recommendations. To say “thank you,” we’ve developed the Datamax Client Referral Program.

What will I earn?

For every new Referral Lead submitted resulting in the purchase or lease of a Datamax Core Product or Service, you will earn a $200 DMX Technology Card for your company, as well as a $100 Gift Card to a choice of The Home Depot, Pappas Restaurants, or Best Buy for yourself. That’s a $300 total reward for simply promoting your personal experience with Datamax! You could also choose to pay it forward with a charitable donation instead. In lieu of rewards cards, Datamax would be pleased to donate $300 to the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Texans Can!, The Humane Society, or the non-profit organization of your choice in your company’s name. Please review the following information as well as our Program Guidelines for instructions on submitting Referral Leads.

How do I submit a Referral Lead?

Simply complete and submit a Datamax Client Referral Form online. Your referral will be distributed to the appropriate sales department and assigned to a Datamax Consultant. The Datamax Consultant who receives the lead will contact the company being referred and will indicate that you are the referral source, provided you’ve agreed that we can share your name on the Datamax Client Referral Form.

How will I know if my Referral Lead resulted in a sale?

If your Referral Lead results in a sale, we will notify you by email once the referred Datamax Core Product or Service has been installed. To find out the status of a referral or to obtain more information about this program, you may contact our Marketing Department via email or at 1.800.633.1526.

How will I receive my Referral Lead Rewards?

Referral rewards will be issued in the form of Gift Cards and sent directly to you via FedEx, UPS or delivered by your Sales Representative.

Program Guidelines:

  1. Eligibility: Only current Datamax Clients are eligible to submit Referral Leads. A Referral Lead must be a new customer to Datamax. Existing customers and Datamax vendors do not qualify as a new Lead Referral for this program. In the event Datamax is already working with and/or prospecting the Referral Lead, Datamax will contact you within forty-eight (48) hours or less to advise you of Datamax's current activity within the company being referred.
  2. Submittal Format: To qualify, all Referral Lead information must be submitted by the referring client via the Datamax Client Referral Form. All information submitted will be strictly governed by the Datamax Privacy Policy.
  3. Datamax Core Products or Services: The Referral Lead must result in a $1,000 or more sale of a Datamax Core Product or Service.
  4. DMX Technology Card Conditions: The $200 DMX Technology Card may be redeemed for future products or services with a $1,000 minimum sales order from Datamax Inc. provided your account has not been declared in default. The DMX Technology Card cannot be applied to preexisting sales orders or any open (previously invoiced) account activity. The DMX Technology Card is not for resale or transfer, and is not redeemable for cash. Use for unauthorized advertising, marketing, or other promotional purposes is prohibited. In the event the card is lost or stolen, immediately inform Datamax and request a replacement card. The DMX Technology Card is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of issue.
  5. Gift Card Conditions: Clients receiving a gift card to The Home Depot, Pappas Restaurants, or Best Buy under this program are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective Gift Card merchant.
  6. Rewards Fulfillment: Referral rewards will be paid after delivery and/or installation of the referred customer’s Datamax Core Product or Service. Referral rewards will only be paid once per referred account.
  7. Datamax reserves the right to amend, modify, or discontinue the Client Referral Program without prior notice. Datamax retains sole discretion and authority to interpret all aspects of this promotion including, but not limited to, criteria and eligibility.

* Note: Datamax, Inc. is not affiliated with The Home Depot®, Pappas Restaurants, or BestBuy®. Likewise, The Home Depot®, Pappas Restaurants, or BestBuy® has no affiliation with Datamax Inc., nor do they sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any responsibility for this promotion. The Home Depot® is a registered trademark of Homer TLC, Inc. BestBuy® is a registered trademark of of BBY Solutions, Inc. All other company name references are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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