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What are the Advantages of an In-House Copier Lease?


Can't get your leasing company to call you back? Have questions that need to be answered? Perhaps it may be worthwhile to consider In-House Leasing. Here are 5 potential advantages. 

When visiting with prospects and clients about current or previous experiences with copier vendors, one complaint I hear often: “I just can’t get my leasing company to call me back.” Nothing’s more frustrating than zero response to getting your questions answered or issues resolved.

It’s at this point that I love to present another alternative: In-House leasing. It’s an option that’s worth exploring before you sign on the dotted line with new office equipment. While there are many reputable third part leasing companies available, In-House leasing, which some copier providers offer, provides a unique blend of flexibility and responsiveness that third parties simply can’t always match.

5 Advantages of Engaging in an In-House Copier Lease:

1. Flexibility.

Whether it’s pricing or terms and conditions, flexibility can be a valuable component to leasing "In-House." Being your own leasing division, this entity makes the final decisions "In-House." Understanding that, your provider can often adjust your lease to accurately reflect equipment moves and your changing print environment, and one that matches the price-point you require.

2. Responsiveness.

Put simply, when you speak to a representative regarding your lease that is also your service provider and account representative, that person is in direct contact with the ultimate decision-makers. They can respond quickly to any of your leasing inquiries and offer a personalized approach to helping you add new equipment or modify a lease.

3. Convenience.

Partnering with one entity for service and the financial aspects of your agreement is simply easier. By leasing “In-House,” maintenance and support, installation and training can be bundled into one very easy-to-translate invoice.

4. End of Term.

As you near the end of your lease term, an "In-House" partner will often provide a greater variety of options: Purchase the equipment, return it, upgrade it, or lease it again.

5. Accountability.

This brings us to that complaint mentioned above: “I just can’t get my leasing company to call me back.” Being accountable is crucial for any technology engagement.

Think about it this way: The same company that you develop and acquire your technology solution from is the same company that services and cares for it … and since that’s the same company that holds your copier lease and to whom payments are made, accountability is embedded in the business relationship.

Through our In-House Leasing Division, Datamax will service your copier lease and equipment for the entirety of the agreement. At Datamax, we will customize your lease to meet your exact needs, hold it for the duration of the term, and if a modification needs to be made, you come right back to us – not an outside group that doesn’t know you or your business. Want to learn more? Click below!

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