• Datamax Document Management

    A Needle in the Stack.

    When you need a specific medical record, a piece of legal correspondence, or any other document quickly,
    there's no time to jack with the stack. A Datamax Document Management engagement can fix that.
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  • Network Security

    Risk your net ... risk your neck.

    The Wild, Wild Web is a lawless place putting your network at risk and your neck on the line. Datamax can
    help you develop best practices and formalize security policies to ensure all IT assets are fully secure.
  • Datamax Copiers Dallas

    Copier Service – On the Fast Track.

    When it comes to Dallas copiers, laser printers and MFP service response and resolution, our award-winning technicians make fast work of any and every issue. No getting sidetracked with Datamax Service delivery.
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  • Digital Production Print Systems

    Our color speaks louder.

    Improve your Return On Impression (ROI) with Digital Production Print Solutions from Datamax. Our G7
    color fidelity will help your company market it's message much louder than words ever could.
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  • Flexible Leasing Services

    Leasing Flexibility.

    We don’t want you to outstretch your budget; we want to work within it. With Datamax In-house Leasing, we'll
    remain flexibly tethered to you throughout the copier lease term to ensure a full return on technology.

We'll help you cultivate your communications, control your print, consolidate your content, and capitalize on your IT.  Count on Datamax to maximize the technology that matters.bottom-shadow5.png

Datamax's main philosophy is geared around Creating Raving Fans®. We aren't satisfied with customers just being satisfied.
Barry Simon, President, Datamax Inc.

 Creating Raving Fans®— now that's what we really do.

Identifying what our customers "really" want is step one in the quest to transform them into “raving fans” — the heart of the Datamax mission. Over the last five years, we’ve focused on discovering and validating what matters most to our customers. Realizing that preconceptions, assumptions, and blind spots, can inhibit a full and accurate understanding, we engaged a nationally recognized consulting firm and their proven research process to identify the metrics that matter most.  Response, resolution, and first call completion were (are) undeniably at the top.

So what’s our formula for “Creating a Raving Fan"?  Expertise plus execution plus a whole bunch of enthusiasm in all we do. If you’re looking for a technology partner, not someone to simply purchase Dallas copiers from, take a look at the following Raving Fan Metrics (i.e., service performance numbers) you can expect from us.


Our Average Response Time
in Hours.

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Our Average Response + Resolution Time in Hours. 

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Our Average First Call

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Our Average

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Selecting the RIGHT copiers, printers, or production print solutions to help communicate better is the primary goal. Responsively ensuring user productivity throughout the technology life cycle is what determines ultimate success. That’s why we back all of our Dallas copiers and print solutions with service and support agreements that guarantee performance and total satisfaction for five years — all in writing.  Better communications plus better uptime means a better platform for attracting and retaining more customers.


Is printing a line item on your P&L? At 1 to 3% of revenues — IT should be. 

Datamax can help develop an effective, all-encompassing management print services strategy for controlling your copier and print costs. Our four-step process will uncover and illuminate relevant print metrics, produce intelligent print strategies, free up valuable IT resources, and most importantly — result in a resounding bottom-line impact.

Dallas IT Managed Services


Network Monitoring

With the onset of big data, mobility, and the cloud, the burden on IT is compounding at an unprecedented rate. Additionally, achieving mission-critical business objectives has become increasingly dependent on IT infrastructure performance. In fact, with approximately 70 percent of IT investment dedicated to “keeping the lights on” (i.e. providing basic infrastructure connectivity and security), there is precious little left for strategic projects that can enhance your business. Outsourcing IT Managed Services could be the difference.

Document Management

Document Management in Dallas

Dealing with the rapidly increasing burden of consolidating and organizing documents, content, and workflows is downright painful.  In fact, the average office spends $120 searching for every misfiled document and loses 1 out of 20 outright.

Document Management automation and strategies can help maximize productivity while reducing paper-related expenses and costs from your printers and copiers and will ensure information security and compliance with the legal obligations and governmental regulations permeating business today.

20 Questions Worth Asking.

20 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Next Office Equipment Provider ... US or THEM.

To ensure the right solution for our customers, we ask questions. A lot of questions. What are your business goals? How do your processes work? Why do you do it that way? Asking questions — and listening between the lines for the real answers and opportunities — is the ONLY way to deliver what you really need instead of what you think you need.

When you're looking for a partner to manage your copiers and printers, we think you should ask questions too. Ask these 20 questions when you're considering your next office equipment partner. The answers will help you separate the real partners from the companies who just want to sell you something.

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Questions to ask your Copier Dealer

David Rhodes

David Rhodes


In 2012, David assumed the position of Division President for Datamax of Texas. He started his career with Datamax of St. Louis as a ... more

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Clay Mills

Clay Mills

Vice President, Sales

Clay joined the Datamax Texas team in November of 2015.  As an Area Sales Manager, he helped his team exceed substantial sales ... more

Days at Datamax:
Keith Judy

Keith Judy

Senior Account Manager (Longview)

Keith grew up in Longview, TX.  After high school, he attended Texas Christian University, where he played varsity football for four years ... more

Days at Datamax:
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Stephen Hampton

Stephen Hampton

Vice President, Operations (Tyler)

Stephen began his career in Office Technology with a company in Dallas, Texas in 1989. After a year in the industry he had the ... more

Days at Datamax:
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Keith Lenore

Keith Lenore

Director of Operations (D/FW)

Keith is a native Texan and is responsible for managing Warehouse, Logistics, Shop, Administration, Collections, and Facility ... more

Days at Datamax:
Steve Kennemer

Steve Kennemer

Director of Service (D/FW)

Steve started in the copier industry in 1981 with a company in Wichita Falls, Texas where he worked for 22 years. He moved to the Dallas ... more

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Relevant Technology. Raving Results.®

"It all starts with relevance - discovering and
delivering what customers want the most."