• Canon event

    Navigating The Road to G7 Color Calibration.

    PRESS FOR SUCCESS is a Datamax + Canon Production Print Lunch & Learn Event focused on helping you
    navigate the control of color from design to G7 print condition. Event Date: Thursday, July 27, 2017
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  • Datamax Copiers Dallas

    Datamax Copier Service – On the Fast Track.

    When it comes to copiers, laser printers and MFP service response and resolution, our award-winning technicians make fast work of any and every issue. No getting sidetracked with Datamax Service delivery.
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  • Online Backup

    Capture Lightning In The Laserfiche Cloud.

    With Laserfiche Cloud (SaaS), Datamax can help your company securely capture, seamlessly centralize, and swiftly access strategic paper-based and electronic information to strike "lightning fast" from anywhere, at anytime.
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  • Consider IT Managed Services with Datamax TechCare.

    Consider IT done.

    Cut costs, minimize downtime, improve network stability, and give your IT staff some well-earned time off—with Datamax, you can consider IT done.
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We'll help you cultivate your communications, control your print, consolidate your content, and capitalize on your IT.  Count on Datamax to maximize the technology that matters.bottom-shadow5.png

Datamax's main philosophy is geared around Creating Raving Fans®. We aren't satisfied with customers just being satisfied.
Barry Simon, President, Datamax Inc.

 Creating Raving Fans®— now that's what we really do.

Creating Raving Fans® – it's our relentless mission to deliver what matters most to our customers. How do we know what matters to you? We ask and then we listenand act. You want fast response, a solution to your problem, and you want your problem fixed in a single visit. We offer great copiers, printers, and office technology. But so do many others. Our edge – what sets us apart and will set you to raving – is our commitment to service, support, and a collaborative partnership approach.

So what’s our formula for “Creating a Raving Fan"? – expertise plus execution plus a whole lot of enthusiasm in everything we do. If you’re looking for a technology partner, not someone to simply buy technology from, take a peek at our following Raving Fan Metrics (i.e., service performance numbers that matter) you can expect from Datamax.

Our Average Response Time
in Minutes.

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Our Average Response + Resolution Time in Minutes. 

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Our Average First Call

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Our Average

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If your communications were more impactful and distributed more efficiently, how many more customers could you attract — or retain? Thought about that? Pick a true technology partner to ensure you buy or lease the RIGHT copiers, printers, or production print solution to help your business communicate better — instead of just buying the first one you see after a Google search.


Print Management

Do you know how much you spend on printing? Did you know that half of print jobs are thrown away without being used? Would you waste half of your budget on any other line item? Discover five questions you need to ask yourself so that you can align your printing budget with your printing needs. And help your IT team avoid troubleshooting printing problems.



Network Management

Outsourcing Network Management improves security, provides stable budgeting, and frees up time and internal resources for IT to focus on improving your business. Every company today needs network security, data backup, IT support, stable infrastructure, etc. – you don't have to manage this yourself. In fact, entrusting these to a proven partner allows you to capitalize on your IT to propel your business.

Document Management

Document Management

18 minutes. That's how long, on average, it takes an employee to find a paper document (unless it's been misfiled or someone else is using it, then they can't find it at all). Electronic document management allows instant retrieval of documents and can help automate business processes, save on document storage costs and free up office space (no more filing cabinets!), improve customer service, and more.

Let's play 20 Questions!

To ensure the right solution for our customers, we ask questions. A lot of questions. What are your business goals? How do your processes work? Why do you do it that way? Asking questions — and listening between the lines for the real answers and opportunities — is the ONLY way to deliver what you really need instead of what you think you need.

When you're looking for a partner to manage your copiers and printers, we think you should ask questions too. Ask these 20 questions when you're considering your next office equipment partner. The answers will help you separate the real partners from the companies who just want to sell you something.

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David Rhodes

David Rhodes


In 2012, David assumed the position of Division President for Datamax of Texas. He started his career with Datamax of St. Louis as a ... more

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Robert Caldwell

Robert Caldwell

Vice President,

Since 1996, Robert has directed Datamax’s marketing efforts in Texas, and recently assumed expanded marketing oversight for  ... more

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Justin Huffaker

Justin Huffaker

Vice President,
Strategic Technology

Justin joined Datamax in 1998 with the responsibility for creating a professional services group to deliver technology solutions to ... more

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Keith Lenore

Keith Lenore

Director of Operations

Keith is a native Texan and is responsible for managing Warehouse, Logistics, Shop, Administration, Collections, and Facility ... more

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Relevant Technology. Raving Results.®

"It all starts with relevance - discovering and
delivering what customers want the most."