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Count on your copiers, capitalize on your IT, consolidate your content, control your print, and connect your communications. We'll help you maximize the technology that matters most.bottom-shadow5.png

Datamax's main philosophy is geared around Creating Raving Fans®. We aren't satisfied with customers just being satisfied.
Barry Simon, President

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What are you a Raving Fan of? ... How 'bout your business technology?

12,483 Survey Responses — 93.1 Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Since 2012, Datamax has achieved a 93.1 NPS®, based on 12,483 client survey responses. (What is Net Promoter?)  Looking for a business technology partner not satisfied with YOU just being satisfied?  Consider taking a peek at a few of our other Raving Fan Metrics.

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Canon Copiers


When it comes to maximizing workflow at your office, your copiers and printers should be a beast ... never a burden.

You can't count on any ole "box." We'll help you find the right office equipment for your specific business environment through thoughtful discovery. Based on those insights, we'll deliver relevant recommendations for Canon copiers or printers that empower you to distribute critical business information with beast-like productivity.


Is printing a line item on your P&L? At 1 to 3% of revenues — IT should be. 

Datamax can help develop an effective, all-encompassing print management strategy for controlling your copier and print costs. Our four-step process will uncover and illuminate relevant print metrics, produce intelligent print strategies (secure print, mobility print, etc.), free up valuable IT resources, and most importantly — result in a resounding bottom-line impact.

Managed IT Services

IT Services

Network Monitoring
You know that IT plays a critical role in your day-to-day business, but getting too deep into the weeds is risky and time-consuming. We can help.

Did you know that a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds? Traditional security best practices fail to keep up with the capabilities of today’s cybercriminals. Have internal staff already? Looking for the best Managed IT Services provider to help capitalize on your technology investment? Either way, we can help you mitigate security risks, maximize infrastructure, and make running your business way less stressful.

Document Management

Document Management in Dallas
You rely on documents every day to conduct business. Are you spending too much time accessing them?

83% of employees must recreate existing documents since they can’t find them in their company network. A Document Management engagement (whether cloud-based or on-premise) minimizes the time it takes to access a document, reduces incidents of lost documents, consolidates content, and secures this business-critical information to comply with your industry compliance regulations.

Unified Communications - UCaaS


Today's workplace is hardly one particular "place" at all.

Your employees are working at the office, from home, and places in between. They need a business communication solution that moves with them. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based platform that creates seamless collaboration and integrates all tools (VoIP phone system, messaging, video conferencing, file collaboration, and more) into one connected communications powerhouse.

Get the definitive guide to choosing your next copier service provider.

Are you fanatical about your current copier repair service experience? ... or just flat frustrated?

Whether it's a technician scratching his or her head about an issue they've "never seen before," you wondering when they'll arrive or how to get someone on the phone, or just the extended, frequent downtime that's costing you profits and productivity, we understand the frustration.

That's why we created this eBook guide. In it, we've outlined 10 Factors of a Fanatical Copier Service Experience to help you choose the right copier repair service provider for your organization. 

Click Here for your free eBook Guide! ›

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David Rhodes

David Rhodes

Division President, Texas

In 2012, David assumed the position of Division President for Datamax of Texas. He started his career with Datamax of ... more about David

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Clay Mills

Clay Mills

Vice President, Sales

Clay joined the Datamax Texas team in November of 2015.  As an Area Sales Manager, he helped his team exceed substantial sales ... more about Clay

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Steve Kennemer

Steve Kennemer

Vice President, Service

Steve started in the copier industry in 1981 with a company in Wichita Falls, Texas where he worked for 22 years. He moved to ... more about Steve

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