First Call Completion.

All of our service resources pull in the same direction to repair your copiers and printers on the very first visit.

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First Call Completion.

All of our service resources pull in the same direction to "repair your copiers and printers on the very first visit."

Done in one. We want to get you back to work as quickly as possible. That’s why we focus on first visit repair.  As we’ve shared, responding quickly to service and support requests is only the first step. The true test of service is prompt diagnosis and repair of the issue – especially on the first visit.

Our service delivery leadership track and evaluate every single service call. We also incentivize our technicians to fix it first. Why do we focus so much effort on this metric? Because our customers want it and expect it.

  • Does your current service provider give you half the effort?
  • Are they unprepared?
  • Do they rush through the call?
  • Are they preoccupied?

Achieving service success, especially on the first visit, relies on aligning the right resources at the right place at the right time with the right parts and know-how – count on Datamax to be right (nearly) every time.

Charlie, Industry: Advertising/PR

"I was shocked that Jay (our Technical Representative) was able to fix the server in one trip. I was concerned we would be down for at least a couple of days. Then, on top of that, he fixed another problem with the printer itself and some streaking issue that presented itself this morning before he came. Datamax has always given us great service, but Jay's response today was in the excellent category.”
Shelly, Industry: Healthcare

“When placing a service call Rick (our Technical Representative) always calls very promptly to let me know when I might expect him. After he completes the service repair, he explains what was wrong with the machine and thanks me for our service. To date, we have not had to call him back on any repairs that he has done for us. It is such a pleasant change to have someone come out that truly seems to enjoy their job and wants to please the customer. It has been a pleasure doing business with Datamax.”