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Datamax Inc. Recognized Among the 'Best Companies to Work for in Texas'


Coppell, TX (Aug. 10, 2022) — Datamax Inc. proudly announces being named among the “Best Companies to Work for in Texas” for 2022 by the Texas Association of Business (TAB). This survey and awards program, conducted by the independent research firm Best Companies Group, was designed to “recognize the best employers in the state, the ones that make it a priority to create better workplaces for their employees.”

Such workplace recognition further reinforces Datamax’s philosophy of not only Creating Raving Fans among its clients, but maintaining that same unwavering commitment to its employees.

“Our company has a core belief that every single employee here is a major contributor to our success. We couldn’t accomplish this without having that type of culture,” Datamax Texas President David Rhodes said. “It’s rewarding to see that this vision has been embraced by our employees; that we’re trying to be the very best we can be, not just as individuals or as departments, but as a collective team.”

Best Companies Group bases its winners on a two-part survey conducted to gain a thorough assessment of each employer:

  • Part 1 consists of an Employer Assessment where the group captures details about company policies and practices.
  • Part 2 consists of an Employee Feedback Survey that gathers employees’ opinions about their workplace experiences.

Being named “Best Companies to Work for In Texas” culminates from many factors, but Rhodes describes a workplace culture that is symbiotic in nature: Employees who trust in the company’s vision, its leadership, and who take comfort in presenting consistent, honest feedback. Simultaneously, leadership proactively responds to that feedback and commits to actions that improve the organization as a whole.

“The key to any organization is trust. When employees feel like they can voice their opinions in a positive way to improve our company? That’s a home run,” Rhodes said.

In that spirit, Datamax leadership sends out recurring employee surveys to glean insight on where improvements can be made. The outcomes from this feedback have included matters as simple as new office chairs for employees, to initiatives as impactful as The Multiply Meals Program, a donation-based partnership with the East Texas Food Bank.

Rhodes said that this award is a “major addition to our company resume,” and one that should resonate with customers, who enjoy a better experience from employees who genuinely love where they work.

Moving forward, he says, a key ingredient to continued success will be trust.

“I sincerely, as President of Datamax Texas, want to provide a professional, friendly environment for all of our employees. Every day, and I mean every day, we need to look around and think to ourselves, ‘how can we treat everyone better within our company?’ Everyone here needs to feel like they have the trust to bring up areas where we can improve,” Rhodes said. “These contributions from all our employees are what will continue to make us a ‘Best Place to Work,’ a leader in our industry, and a leader in our marketplace.”

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