Food is a basic need for every East Texan. 

But a gap exists. The Multiply Meals Plan, a Datamax initiative with the East Texas Food Bank, helps fill a small portion of that gap with some basic multiplication. Scroll down for more. 

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As fellow East Texans, that statistic staggered us.  

No one should miss out on something as basic as a next meal. After downloading the East Texas Food Bank's 2022 Annual Report, we learned that "for every $1 donated to the Food Bank, the ETFB can serve up to 8 meals to hungry East Texans." (Up to 5 meals as of 2023). That number — what can be done with a single dollar — spoke to us.

In short, we came up with the Multiply Meals Plan: For every nominal purchase with Datamax, we will make a donation to the East Texas Food Bank, in honor of your organization.